Peach Crumb Bars and More Peach Recipes!

Sweet summer peaches are perfect to enjoy alone or in this Peach Crisp with Almonds.

Peaches for Peach Recipes by

As I am frantically trying to adjust to back-to-school routine for my kids, I realized that I haven’t had a chance to write anything spectacular. My creative juices ran dry. My brain is spinning with to-do-lists, errands, packing 3 lunches and backpacks and countless other things. Not to mention that my Princess, my baby, is in kindergarten. Sniff! Sniff!

So, in case you are new or have a short memory (hee! hee!) here are some great desserts to make use of sweet peaches that begging to be bought at Farmer’s Markets or your local supermarket. Enjoy!

And I promise, I will get my act together ASAP and will post new recipes that have piled up on my desk and their counterpart pictures that take up 80% of my computer’s memory!

Peach Crisp with Almonds and More Peach Recipes by

Peach Crisp with Almonds

One of the easiest desserts that can be modified with any seasonal fruit. Click here for the recipe!


Peach Crumb Bars

A scrumptious bar bursting with peaches and very picnic-friendly! Click here for the recipe!


Strawberry Peach Sangria by

Peach Sangria
And enjoy these peachy-keen desserts with a refreshing glass of Peach Sangria!

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  1. All great recipes and special treats in my book. I hope you get settled into your new schedule soon:)

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