Peach-Pretzel Tart

Summer desserts are something special. With so many choices of fresh fruits, the possibilities are endless. One fruit that is now in season is the peach. Yummy! My kids also love fresh fruit. I find myself baking with fruit less and less because they will eat the fruit as is. But that doesn’t stop me from trying new things.

You have all seen the berry tart. And we have all tried out the graham cracker crust. One great flavor combination is sweet and salty, so have you ever tried a chocolate pretzel crust? Got you curious, huh?!

I remember the first time I discovered this great combination. I think I was 11 years old and bored. My brother and I were eating Pringles and for some reason I paired it with a piece of chocolate. Maybe it was a dare, I don’t remember, but I do remember how fabulous it tasted. I know, I know, kids eat the strangest things. Well, so do pregnant women, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t on to something special.

You can now find chocolate covered pretzels and don’t forget the caramelized popcorn. Sweet and salty were meant to be together.

Now back to my peach-pretzel tart. Tart pans are fun to work with, especially when they have the removable bottom. So making a great crust for your tart is a must. First, I crushed pretzels and combined it with butter and melted chocolate. I pressed it into my tart pan and let it chill in the refrigerator until it hardened.

To save on time, I used instant vanilla pudding, and poured some of it into the hardened pretzel shell. Then I topped the tart with sliced peaches and a layer of warm strawberry jam, thinned with water. I chilled it again in the refrigerator until I was ready to serve the tart to my in-laws who were over for dinner.

When I took the tart out of the pan, it really looked great. My mother-in-law never had the sweet and salty combination and she loved it so much, one piece was not enough! As easy as it was make, it was gone in a flash. It’s a good thing we always have pretzels and chocolate in the pantry!!!

>And what to do with the leftover pudding that didn’t go in the tart? Well, you could serve it another day with fresh fruit or make another tart. Since it’s summer, I put them in little dixie cups, stuck a popsicle stick in them and froze them for pudding pops. This is a definite kid-friendly dessert.

Check out this recipe and more at Family Spice!

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