Orange Cake (Gâteau à l’Orange)

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A couple weekends ago I found myself in flurry, baking a new dessert every day. There was the Professor’s birthday cake (Mud Pie), cookies we took to school (Moist & Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies), a cake for our school’s Spring Fling and a cake to take to a dinner party. And although I pride myself to be prepared, I am the cubmaster’s wife, I sometimes find myself unmotivated pouring over cookbooks, magazines and the internet looking for inspiration – and many times, the right recipe with all the ingredients ready and waiting in my kitchen. My husband and I had just harvested our oranges from our orange tree. So when I came across this lovely recipe from Passionate About Baking for Orange Cake (Gâteau à l’Orange), I knew I had found my muse!

Unfortunately, I had baked the cake, decorated the cake, photographed the cake and donated the cake for our school’s fundraiser early Saturday morning. I promptly ran with my daughter to a birthday party and had this nagging voice in my head.

“I wonder what the cake tastes like?”

“What if I screwed it up?”

“What the hell am I going to make to take to tonight’s dinner party?”

By the end of the birthday party, I had my mind set. I was going to make the cake again, this time for us to enjoy that evening!

I had plenty of left over Orange Sugar and Dried Orange Slices to decorate the cake, and of course, I had plenty of oranges.

The main cause of my anxiety was that I had to convert the ingredients from grams to cups. I knew it wasn’t going to be exact, but since I have a crappy kitchen scale, I had no other choice. Remember, this was last minute.

Making the cake was a delight, even the second time. You have the aroma of the orange juice and zest in the air to stimulate your senses while you mix. Not to mention the dash of rum and splash of Grand Marnier! The fabulous citrus scent continued as you bake the cake, too. When it’s done, and while the cake is hot, you slowly spoon more orange juice over the cake so it evenly penetrates the whole cake. This is truly orange-love.

I was anxious as we drove to our friends’ house with the delicious cake sitting on my lap and tempting me. We bought some Tropical Sorbet to go with it, too. It wasn’t even five minutes after the plates cleared from dinner when I jumped up and prepared the dessert.

I admit that I tend to get lazy and uninterested when it comes to garnishing, but I really had fun with this cake. Everyone was impressed. My husband was even comment-less!

And the flavor was FANTASTIC! I love LOVE this cake. It’s so light, fluffy and the orange flavor is amazing. After a big meal, this is a fabulous dessert to end with. It doesn’t weigh you down and the sorbet complimented it beautifully.

This recipe, for me, is a definite keeper. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

And thank you Passionate About Baking and SaffronBerry for finding this treasure!

For the full recipe for Orange Cake (Gâteau à l’Orange), click here.

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  1. MaryMoh at #

    That's such a beautiful orange cake with all those orange rings on top. I love orange cake. Guess it's time to make now.

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