Olives, Basil & Chicken… Oh My: Greek Roast Chicken

Add the flavors of the Mediterranean to your family’s dinner table with this Greek Roast Chicken.

Greek Roast Chicken by FamilySpice.com

When you are cooking for five, you find yourself always doing a balancing act. Everyone has a particular preference for food and you have to realize that you will never satisfy everyone in one meal. You will always have at least one person disappointed. That includes myself, too. I find myself not cooking for me or the hubby, but for the kids. Will they like it? Is it too exotic? Too spicy? Too weird? Too green?

Everyone in my house likes chicken. So I find myself doing a lot of roast chickens, especially when they go on sale and I find myself buying them for as little as 38¢/pound. No brainer, right?

I can also have any number of side dishes when I cook dinner this way, to again, please everyone.

I’ve made many roast chickens, with different flavors and herbs. This time, to really get the attention of Middle-Child, I decided to do a Greek twist. You see, he loves olives.

Santa even found a small jar of olives and left them in his stocking last year. Of course, you could imagine his disappointment when Santa didn’t bring him a jar of olives this past Christmas.

Shame, shame on you, Santa.

I’ve managed to get sick again. It’s really shameful to get sick in the winter in San Diego. We’ve had lovely warm weather and I’m tired of missing out on enjoying it…


For the recipe for Greek Roast Chicken, click here.

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Greek Roast Chicken by FamilySpice.com

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3 Responses to Olives, Basil & Chicken… Oh My: Greek Roast Chicken

  1. My family consist of just us and our puppy, and no one is a picky eater so I'm lucky:) For sure roasted chicken is also a please everyone meal that we have often. I love your Greek twist recipe, and it's one I will be trying on our next roasted chicken night. Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  2. Merut at #

    This roasted chicken looks so pretty! I have only roasted a chicken once in my life. I recently cooked cornish hens in the crockpot, but I need to try roasting. Your husband has an olive addiction? Why didn't Santa get him any? Poor dude.

  3. The hubby loves olives, too, but Santa neglected Middle-Child this year. Santa has become absent-minded and didn't think Middle-Chid would remember the jar of olives from last year's stocking. Totally dropped the ball.

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