Nutrition Unmasked and a Giveaway!

Of all the subjects you learn in school, there are many practical things that weren’t taught when I was in school. Balancing a checkbook, living on a budget and understanding good nutrition. As I watch my kids go through school, I see some changes in the curriculum, but I find that my husband and I are there to fill in the blanks. as we should. Since I became a parent, I have begun my own self-study on nutrition and healthy eating. I am not a health nut, for sure, but I do practice what I preach about 85% of the time. Not bad, I think.

My oldest, The Professor, is in middle school. I admit that it’s strange to see him grow so tall and morph into a pre-teen. What happened to my baby boy who would prowl around the house and beach like a preying velociraptor?

With middle school comes a cafeteria with more food choices. I agreed to let him eat at school because we have discussed (in depth) proper eating habit and making good choices. The two days of the week he doesn’t like the school menu, he takes lunch with him.

But despite my self study, I am still ignorant on so many things.

Which foods are good for the heart?

Which foods are good for your digestion?

Which foods are good to fight your cold or flu?

I had the pleasure to meet David Grotto at a California Strawberries event last summer (sorry for the bad picture, David!). As an RD and LDN, he’s not only incredibly knowledgable about the foods we eat and their nutritional value, but he’s also incredibly HILARIOUS! David broke down nutrition and made it understandable, interesting and we all broke down in giggles.

I came home from that event with his book, 101 Optimal Life Foods, and read through it cover to cover. I was thrilled to receive his latest book to review, The Best Things You Can Eat: For Everything from Aches to Zzzz. Both are very easy reads and full of David’s light hearted humor and approach to nutrition. David doesn’t preach one extreme view or another, but a more practical view, to insure you dietary success.

Which foods are for the heart? They are listed in Chapter 5.

Which foods are good for your digestions? Chapter 4.

Which foods are good to fight your cold or flu? Chapter 8. And yes, Chicken Soup made the cut! There are actually a lot of foods that will surprise you that have great health benefits. David even does a roundup, his “best in show” for categories like best nuts, best fruit, best dairy and more. Both of David’s books are going on my shelf whenever I need a quick check on what to eat.

Giveaway Time!

Now YOU can keep your own good healthy habits on track with today’s giveaway. I am giving away David’s book, The Best Things You Can Eat AND Frieda’s Healthy Kickstart Kit which includes Black Garlic, Pomegranate, MOAB Superfruit Blends Juice, Dried Fruit and The Purple Kiwi Cookbook Kickstarter.

All you need to do is LIKE Frieda’s on Facebook AND leave a comment below telling me about your favorite super food (I have several featured in this post). Remember, you have to do BOTH to be entered in the giveaway. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will close February 14, 2013 at midnight.

Now THAT’S a healthy gift for your sweet valentine!

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27 Responses to Nutrition Unmasked and a Giveaway!

  1. Zan at #

    I liked Frieda’s on FB. I also subscribe to your blog. My favorite super food is avocados followed closely by cranberries.

  2. Georgiana at #

    I like Frieda’s and my favorite superfood is blueberries!

  3. Jennifer Greenstein at #

    I love blueberries, garlic, and avocados! Thanks!

  4. Alexandria at #

    Pomegranates must be the best and avocados!

  5. Anne Flickinger at #

    My favorite superfood are blueberries!

  6. Francine S at #

    I am a Facebook Fan of Frieda’s (a real life fan too). Blueberries are my favorite super food!

  7. Steven Bramley at #

    Gosh, whats NOT to like about Frieda’s, but i will tell you what i DO like…They have the greatest Fruit and Veggies that are outta this world and nutritious..When i think about Healthy food n snacks i think about Frieda…:) I just got a prize box from Frieda’s and im snacking on some Dried Cranberries as i type and they are very Delicious..:)

  8. nichol tone at #

    I like apples, oranges and strawberries

  9. nichol tone at #

    I liked Frieda’s

  10. Roe Clark at #

    I like Freda’s on facebook…David Grotto also…I won his book from a chat he had with Ingles grocery store on 1/18 (haven’t gotten it yet but, can’t wait to read it) I love avocados, cranberries, dried cranberries, blueberry’s (never had dried blueberries), spinach…:-)

  11. Christo at #

    Red currants – love that tang – great in sauces, jelly and when the juice is added to a smoothie, it perks it right up!

  12. GloriaF at #

    I like Frieda’s. Pomegranates are my favorite super fruit. I’d love to try the black garlic!

  13. Paula Artmann at #

    My favorite superfood has got to be blueberries!! Love them any way!!

  14. Leland Lee at #

    Blueberries are super to me

  15. Ray S at #

    I like Frieda’s on Facebook and enjoy eating avocados!

  16. Renata at #

    Acai gets my top vote for a favorite superfood and I like Frieda’s too!

  17. Letty at #

    Favorite superfood? Gee, that’s hard. We grow almost all the superfoods you featured in pics today… garlic, avocados, blueberries, almonds and pomegranates. They are all good. But right now, I think I am in avocado heaven. We’ve got about 11 to eat, and they are all fresh from trees, not the store! Oh, and I already like Frieda’s on FB… that’s how I found your blog!

  18. rachel at #

    Probably salmon for me! Although we’re having avocados tonight 🙂

  19. Alicia K at #

    i love spinach because it is so versatile…. warm side dish, cold salad, dd in for omelletes, smoothies…. and on and on…

  20. cheryl at #

    all the berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, you name it

  21. UgaVic at #

    How funny this is as when I started my career in ‘food’ it was with admiring Frieda’s company so many, MANY moons ago. Now I ‘bump’ into her company again on FB.

    I grew up with one of the first ‘super foods’ – blueberries being the main crop on the farm. Now I am working with another great one, wild salmon, and helping people learn to eat a huge variety of great fruits and veggies too!! I serve on the Governing board of our state’s Food Policy Council helping to make good foods available to all of our residents!

    It all seems to come full circle!!

  22. Stefanie at #

    My favorite superfood is blueberries!

  23. Renee at #

    Avocados are so yummy in salads and sandwiches!

  24. Jillian at #

    I love edamame and quinoa! I follow on Facebook

  25. Karen D at #

    Blueberries…fresh, dried, or frozen. Karen Goodwin Delaney is my FB name

  26. Ttrockwood at #

    Liked frieda’s on fb (teri)

  27. Ttrockwood at #

    My favorite superfoods include chia seeds, spinach and almonds

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