My Go-To Cranberry Sauce: Spiced Tea Cranberry Sauce

Don’t use canned cranberries when a homemade sauce is so easy to make. Enjoy this spiced tea cranberry sauce on your Thanksgiving turkey or any white meat.

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Tonight, I am sitting in front of the computer with a serious case of writer’s block. I come up with creative ideas and funny stories when I am ticked-off washing dishes or day dreaming while running errands. I started to write these ideas down, but sometimes the inspiration flutters away before I make it to the computer to add it to the list. Middle-Child just came into my office, with his puppy-dog eyes telling me he just wants to be with me. Total Mom-Guilt. I explain that I am trying to write about this cranberry sauce, but I didn’t know where to start. He said he would help me.

So, here is my 8-year-old talking about my favorite cranberry sauce: Spiced Tea Cranberry Sauce.

Spiced Tea Cranberry Sauce by

It’s Red.

It’s Juicy.

It has two cinnamon rolls.

It’s mushy.

It’s awfully good.

There Mommy, I helped you!

Kids are so direct and obvious.
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Well, as the title explains, this is my go-to cranberry sauce. Years ago, I tore it out from a Sunset Magazine I found at the doctor’s office.

Don’t judge me. You know you do it, too.

I love the infusion of tea, cinnamon, anise and cardamom. I could just smell this sauce all day….

Luckily, it is equally delicious as it is aromatic.

Like my boy said, “It’s awfully good!”


7 Responses to My Go-To Cranberry Sauce: Spiced Tea Cranberry Sauce

  1. Ann at #

    Let's here it for middle child! It looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing! I wouldn't worry about writers block. The recipe looks amazing!

  2. Dzoli at #

    Hehhehe.There is a new kid on teh blog:))

  3. Hi Laura, I love this your baby helped out with the post. So cute 🙂 Writers block is my biggest problem right now, so I may have to borrow middle child, hehe. Thanks for sharing the link and recipe. It does look awfully good and pretty. Have a great weekend!

  4. Anonymous at #

    Tell your middle child that I love him. He is a helpful kid. He has helped me whenevr he has been with me and I needed help. Mimi

  5. Lizzy M. at #

    I made cranberry sauce with candied ginger and was looking for a new recipe for this year. I am bookmarking this one as a possible choice.

  6. So you had to know this post would work like a magnet for me! It's lovely.

  7. Spice Sherpa – no kidding! I seriously should have sent you the recipe first!

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