My Adventures at BlogHer ’11

If you are a blogger, than you know that BlogHer had their convention in San Diego this past weekend. Maybe you were there? If you are not a blogger, let me tell you that this convention is a biggee for bloggers of all kind. It’s not just for foodies, like the BlogHer Food convention I missed in Atlanta. About 3700 bloggers attended this year. I almost didn’t go, myself, thinking it would be filled with “mommy-bloggers” having a different agenda than me. But, luckily my friend Jeanne over at The Jolly Tomato, gave me the kick in the pants to join her Saturday in my home town for some blogging bonding.

My feet are still achey from standing and walking all Saturday. I can’t wait to break in my Dr. Scholl’s orthotic insoles this week – my flat feet need all the support they can get. All in all, I’m glad I went. Very different from my Camp Blogaway experience, but fulfilling in it’s own way.

I met many non-foodie bloggers, PR reps and industry reps. We talked family, food and blogging. In a ten minute walk around the Expo Hall, I managed to collect an armful of goodies: from bird house kits to brownie pops to coupons, shopping bags, yogurt, cards and one surprise that I choose to not mention, as I am trying to remain a ‘G’ rated blog.

The Jolly Tomato and I tried to get wild at the Pfizer Photo Booth. Just couldn’t time it right, I guess!

I visited American landmarks made of Twizzlers.

I swapped business cards with new friends. Thanks to Moo, my cards were a HUGE hit!

I talked, walked, learned and ate. I tweeted, texted and checked in with the hubby.

I didn’t stay up late and party, but drove myself home while the sun was still up and I could find my way through downtown San Diego. I was tired, okay?

It was fun and I made a vow to do more of it. I hope to make it to IFBC in Santa Monica in November. Ssssh… I haven’t told the hubby yet. Maybe I can snag a sponsor to help ease the cost?

I have some big plans for the blog/website that have been in the works for the past 2 years, as well as new ideas that I came up with during BlogHer ’11. And I’ll share them with you in the coming weeks.

Now, back to reality. Kids, dinner, dishes and the last remaining weeks of summer vacation.

For all of you who attended BlogHer, was it what you expected it to be? If you didn’t attend, why not?

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  1. This was definitely different than BlogHer Food, IFBC, or Camp Blogaway!

    I quickly learned that this conference focuses on a specific demographic ("Women who blog") rather than a specific interest group ("Bloggers who like Food). As such, the conference was rather disjointed; the eclectic mix of sponsors was almost comical.

    Even so, I also quickly realized that, unlike other smaller conferences, it was futile to try to "do it all," so I relaxed, stopped rushing, and enjoyed the smaller moments. Instead of trying to expanding my network (though I did that too), I focused on strengthening and deepening relationships with existing friends and co-bloggers.

    For that, I am exceedingly grateful.

  2. Thanks, Laura! You're totally right, this was far different from the intense connections we made at Camp Blogaway, but it was fun (and valuable) in its own way.

    Oh, and having you as a BlogHer buddy was the best way to do it! We take some good pics, eh? 🙂

  3. looks like a lot of fun

  4. Ann at #

    I'm glad you had a great time at the conference. Thanks for the pictures and re-cap!

  5. BigBearswife at #

    That sounds like you had a pretty awesome time at Blogher!

  6. Andrew, I totally agree with you. I think the foodies have definitely created their own community separate from the rest of the bloggers. But, I do think that we get stuck in our foodie-world and we do need to branch out and meet the other bloggers out there. That being said, I don't think I will be flying out to NYC next year to attend BlogHer'12. I was fortunate to have BlogHer'11 in my hometown, which is why I attended. Now BlogHer Food is one conference I would really like to attend…

  7. Lisa Fox Tognola at #

    Laura, I enjoyed reading your insights from BlogHer '11. It was interesting to learn about the world of food bloggers from people like you and Jeanne from the jolly tomato. As a humor blogger, I had my own take but I'd say it was a worthwhile adventure!

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