Munchies To Ring In The New Year

Well, we survived Christmas this year. I didn’t think we would, with all the house projects going on. Although we had the tree up and some decorations, it didn’t quite feel like Christmas. We had tons of rain in San Diego and hubby was busy fixing up my kitchen and never hung up any lights around the house! Our annual Christmas Eve party was downsized and moved to my mom’s. But, Christmas did come and the kiddos were up early to discover their gifts.

Luckily for us, Mom & Dad, the loot was mostly books, Legos, art sets and clothes. Any toys were educational and not junk that you’d expect to see the garbage in a month. Middle Child was woken up by the Professor and he was so grumpy and tired that I almost thought he’d skip the opening of the presents. Of course, they all went to bed late Christmas Eve, so I supposed it was my fault! But he eventually came around and perked up after opening his first gift.

And now we have 2011 heading our way. Our first wave of visitors came and went and our new wave of family will be coming in soon to ring in the new year with us. I have new appetizers in the works for that night, but have compiled some of my favorite munchies to inspire you to prepare for your New Years celebration. Some are old favorites, some are new to 2010.

Gougeres (French Cheese Puffs)

Balsamic Portabella Sliders

Tomatillo Roll

Yogurt and Spinach Dip (Borani-e Esfenaj)

Garlicky Spinach Dip with Hearts of Palm

Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

Hot Corn Dip

Eggplant with Cheese & Shrimp

Wash it down with your favorite cocktail or with a glass of Sparkling Galliano, pictured above.

Happy New Year From Family Spice! May the new year bring happiness and good health to you and your loved ones.

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  1. Merut at #

    Those portabello sliders are interesting. I could do that. We had a brown Christmas in Colorado – no snow, no rain, nothing but dead looking grass.

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