Mother’s Day Mad Libs

Your kids will giggle and Mom will laugh and enjoy this FREE Mother’s Day Mad Libs printable.

Mother's Day Mad Libs: Mommy's Little Helper by

In my house, if it weren’t for the teachers at school, many a Mother’s Day would be forgotten and dismal. I love the fun poems, pictures and artwork my kiddos have made for me in the past. As my eldest is now in Middle School, the Mother’s Day projects aren’t part of his curriculum. Needless to say, my Professor needs some prodding, but his excuse for forgetting is that he is a self-absorbed tween. Sigh.

Before my kids were of school age, the hubby was a sad role model on Mother’s Day. And since my Father’s Day Mad Libs and my Father’s Day Worksheet have been a big  hit on the blog, I was asked to make a Mother’s Day Mad Libs.

And here it is.

My kids love Mad Libs. It’s one of those quirky games that can make a grown adult giggle like 4-year old. All three gave this one their stamp of approval. And my sarcastic Professor sniggered that lots of it seemed “all too familiar.”

Ah, the joys of Motherhood.

Click here for my Mother’s Day Mad Libs: Mommy’s Little Helper

Remember, this year Mother’s Day is May 11, 2014 and Father’s Day is June 15, 2014.


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