Mango Madness: Mango Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love!

Mango Recipes for the whole family: Mango and Teriyaki Stir Fry, Mango Cole Slaw, Whole Wheat Mango Scones, Mango Smoothie for the kids and Mango Rum Smoothie Shots for Mom and Dad!

Mango Rum Smoothie by

I can’t believe that it’s almost two weeks since my Camp Blogaway weekend, and I still haven’t found the time to write a recap about everything I learned while there. I am a rather quiet wallflower when it comes to big events. I tend to gravitate to what is comfortable: people I know, situations that don’t require me to put myself out there for public stoning… you know what I mean. That’s why I really enjoy this small casual setting of about 120 bloggers, sponsors and speakers.

One of our sponsors that weekend were the great folks from the Mango Board. Mangos are adored, worshipped and devoured relentlessly in my house. It is one of those fruits that is loved by all five of us, kids and adults. And if you have a family, you know how hard it is to find something that everyone agrees on.

Mango Recipes

(Carolyn from All Day I Dream About Food learning about how to cut a mango)

I already knew about how nutritious mangos are, so here are some amazing facts I want to share with you about the mango (provided by the Mango Board):

  • One serving of mangos provides 100% of your daily vitamin C and 35% of your vitamin A.
  • Mangos provide 12% of your daily dietary fiber.
  • Mangos contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals.
  • One cup of mangos is just 100 calories and it is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free.

One of the key things I learned about the mango, my light bulb moment, was that the color of the mango’s skin does not tell you if a mango is ripe or not. You can have a ripe, green mango and it tastes the same as a red-skinned ripe mango.

Mango Recipes

(Desserts made by the Mango Board using unripe, ripe & over-ripe mangos)

We also learned about how you can use an “unripe” mango in your cooking and baking, as well as the ripe ones. The sweetness of the mango intensifies the riper it gets, but a hard mango is just as edible as a soft one.

Not only did we consume massive quantities of mangos while at Camp Blogaway, I went home with 3-4 mangos for my kids to enjoy. Plus, the nice folks from the Mango Board sent all of us a goody box containing both the Tommy Atkins mango (the red-green mango most of us know), as well as the smaller golden Ataulfo mango.

Mango Madness hit my house. Big time. I went nuts coming up with these mango recipes.

Mango Recipes

The kids ate them their favorite way, straight up, dripping down their chins.

I made scones with them.

Whole Wheat Mango and Ginger Scones by

(Whole Wheat Mango and Ginger Scones)

I added them to my stir fry, adapting Just One Cookbook’s delicious teriyaki sauce. (sorry for bad picture – dinner time is a bit hectic and no one was willing to wait for me to take set up and take a lovely picture!)

Mango Recipes: Mango Teriyaki Stir Fry

I used mangos in my coleslaw.

Mango Coleslaw by

(Mango Coleslaw)

I made myself a happy smoothie with rum. Yes, rum, so what?!

Mango Rum Smoothie by

(Mango Rum Smoothie)

Then the kids got jealous, so I made them their own mango smoothie.

Mango Protein Smoothie by

(Mango Protein Shake)

And sorbets are always a big favorite in our house.

Mango Sorbet - No Ice Cream Machine Required! by

(Mango Sorbet – without an ice cream machine!)

Alas, my mangos are all eaten. But, lucky for us, it’s mango season and we can find them at the grocery store – and typically on sale, too!

What’s your favorite way to eat a mango?

Disclosure: Yes, the Mango Board sent me a box of mangos to enjoy, but the opinions I expressed in this post are 100% all mine. My family and I have been in love mangos long before I met the Mango Board!

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18 Responses to Mango Madness: Mango Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love!

  1. Yikes, my mango colada goes up this weekend – but it is different than yours. What a rich post – so much work here…Your photos make me drool!

    • Laura at #

      Mmmm… mango colada! Now I’m singing that song, “Do you like piña coladas?”

  2. Laura!! Wow I love this post with many mango recipes!! We love mangoes too and so happy they are in season! I need to cut mangoes to a perfection like you did! I can eat mangoes all day long… with your recipe, looks like we can eat mango all day long start from mango protein shake for breakfast, smoothies and cole slaw for lunch, and scones for snack, and chicken, ice cream, and cocktail for dinner! I want to pin this but Pinterest is not working… hope to remember to pin it later… Thank you for trying the chicken teriyaki sauce!! I sure add mango next time too!!

    • Laura at #

      Your teriyaki sauce is my go-to recipe and the family loves it because it’s not overly sweeet. You definitely have to try it with mangos!

  3. I love all these mango recipes, Laura! The mango-rum smoothie, the protein shake, the sorbet – they all look delicious! I love mangos in a salad with grilled shrimp, raspberries, and a raspberry vinaigrette.

    • Laura at #

      Mango and shrimp is soooo good!!

  4. So funny… I have a Mango Slaw on my list of things to make for tomorrow. We are big mango fans here!

  5. Wow, you got a lot more mileage out of your mangos than I did. I don’t know where they all went. Someone must have just eaten them… (Looks nervously over shoulder)

    But seriously, I love all of these! Great seeing you at camp! xoxo

  6. Carolyn at #

    I still haven’t written about camp blogaway! Argh. I keep meaniing too, but something else gets in the way. I was going to do a post tomorrow but the day got away on me and it’s going to have to be a shorter post. Love all your mango recipes. Thanks for “featuring” me manhandling a mango 😉

  7. Wow, so many mango dishes! I love the idea of using mango in scones – never thought of that :-). And the mango rum smoothies look gorgeous! Beautiful post!

  8. Simone at #

    Fantastic collection of mango recipes!! I love mango but unfortunately really good ones can be hard to find here.

  9. Eha at #

    Darn it, I have to wait for the seasons to change 🙁 ! Love mangoes to bits too, of course! Love the idea of the coleslaw and the stirfry [yup, stupid me! have not tried!], and., very much that gorgeous mango-rum smoothie! But can one beat standing at the kitchen sink making an utter little piggie of oneself just eating it as it comes . . . . ?

  10. mjskit at #

    I have 8 mangos sitting on the countertop! You can bet I’ll be making at least one of these recipes! We love mangos!

  11. Since those delicious mangoes from Camp Blogaway, my family is craving more sweet mango-ness! Love all your creative recipes!

  12. Mangoes are great! One of my favorite fruits. And you can do so many things with them. And now you have me craving mangoes. Serious craving here. Luckily we’re going to be walking to the grocery store soon, so I’ll be able to take care of that! Fun post – thanks.

  13. I love mango, but only on sweet preparations (or by itself), pity that it doesn’t grow in New Zealand :-(, when I go to South East Asia I eat tons of it!!!


  14. I wish mangoes would be available throughout the year! All your recipes look fantastic, Laura!

  15. One of my favorite fruits! That rum drink looks killer.

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