Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Quesadillas

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Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Quesadillas by FamilySpice.com

I can not wait for Thanksgiving and the amazing turkey dinner. It really is one of my favorite meals and favorite flavor combinations of all time. My enthusiasm got the best of me, so last week I made my family an early turkey spread. I think I was the only one completely savoring all of the leftovers for the next few days. My husband explained, “You know, you just can’t eat turkey everyday.” Um, yes I can.

Millions of us wake up the day after Thanksgiving and find our kitchens filled with leftover turkey and a mish-mash of leftover fixings. Many of us have make the customary leftover turkey soup, others prefer leftover turkey sandwiches. There’s also Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini and other pasta dishes you can throw together with your leftovers. Got too much cranberry sauce? No such thing! Bake them into Cranberry Scones!

Whole Wheat Scones with Leftover Cranberry Sauce by FamilySpice.com

But last week I found myself with only turkey, roasted butternut squash and cranberry sauce to play with. I searched in my fridge for inspiration and found my low-carb tortillas – these babies have saved me on so many occasions. I also found a few bricks of cheese sent to me by Kerrygold and eyed my last bit of Skellig Sweet Cheddar, my newest cheese infatuation. I knew right away that I would whip up some quesadillas.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Quesadillas by FamilySpice.com

The sweet skellig paired with the turkey and squash make an amazing combination. Served with a side of my favorite cranberry sauce, these quesadillas were da bomb!

Man, I LOVE Thanksgiving!!!

You can find the full recipe here for my Leftover Turkey Quesadillas.

And check out my pin board full of great Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers?

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6 Responses to Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Quesadillas

  1. I am partial to my turkey burritos with green enchilada sauce…Love your scones, as well as the quesadillas…

  2. The leftovers are the best part! We actually cook turkey several times a year, simply because we like it so much. Around Thanksgiving time, I certainly can eat turkey every day! ;-) The quesadillas are really a good idea – thanks.

  3. I have to step into the confessional – I have never ever made turkey quesadillas. What was I thinking? I LOVE them, well, I’ve never had them with turkey but how different can it be from chicken? Yum! Will do!

  4. These look so tasty, a perfect way to repurpose leftovers!

  5. The leftover are the best part of the turkey. GREG

  6. I’d eat the turkey quadrilles anytime! It will not look like leftover at all! We had sushi from our own store for Thanksgiving (I know, it’s ridiculous haha), so no turkey this year…. Kind of miss eating turkey. Hee hee

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