Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes to Make You Drool!

Pulled pork is an easy meal to throw together in the crockpot. But, what about the leftovers? Here’s a list of drool worthy leftover pulled pork recipes.

Orange Pulled Pork by FamilySpice.com

My family loves pulled pork. It’s a staple in our menu because it’s delicious and  so easy to make in the slow cooker. It is also not a tedious meal because you can add any flavors you want to the sauce. When in a pinch, I go simple with store-bought bbq sauce. But when I’m feeling creative, I make my own sauce and add orange juice, pomegranate concentrate, whiskey or countless other flavorings to make my sauce sing. And when you are dealing with a giant pork shoulder roast or pork butt roast,  you are blessed with leftovers that taste BETTER the next day. But what else can you do besides make another pulled pork sandwich?

20+ Uses for Leftover Pulled Pork by FamilySpice.com

Think outside the bun, because I have compiled these 15 Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes:

  1. Mix it in your macaroni and cheese.
  2. Crown your baked potato with a scoop.
  3. Make a batch of pulled pork nachos.
  4. Try some pulled pork enchiladas.
  5. Stir some into your next batch of chili.
  6. Top your salad with some bbq goodness.
  7. Dollop the pork into baby lettuce cups or endive for a gluten-free treat.
  8. Wrap them in gyoza and make some pulled pork won tons or dumplings.
  9. Go one-step further and roll them with cabbage to make pulled pork egg rolls.
  10. Or, wrap them in dough to make empañadas.
  11. Stuff it in an omelette for a cowboy breakfast.
  12. Combine it with queso for a game-day dip.
  13. Go Cajun and serve it over rice and beans.
  14. Go Asian and serve it with noodles, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and snap peas.
  15. Go Asian in a different way an stir it in your fried rice.
  16. Enjoy it in a savory crêpe.
  17. Smother some over your french fries and top with cheese.
  18. Bake your pulled pork into a quiche.
  19. Stuff it in an Anaheim chile, jalepeño or bell pepper!
  20. Still eat as a sandwich, but switch out the bread. Try tortillas, lavash, pretzel rolls, focaccia or challah.
  21. Heard of fried chicken and waffles? Why not pulled pork and waffles!
  22. Hello – pulled pork pizza!
  23. Bake it in phyllo to make crunchy hand pies.


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Smoked Pulled Pork with Honey Whiskey Barbecue Sauce by FamilySpice.com

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27 Responses to Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes to Make You Drool!

  1. Pulled pork is such good stuff! And homemade BBQ is the way to go (though you can buy some mighty good boutique commercial ones these days). But of course when you make your own pulled pork you end up with a mountain of meat. Some great suggestions for what to do with the leftovers. Thanks!

  2. Griffin at #

    Great ideas on ways to use the leftovers. I’ve done a few of those, but can’t wait to try some of the others. When I smoke a pork butt, I often do 2 or 3 and freeze the rest so we have a stash on hand for when the cravings hit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Eha at #

    Well, as I am from Oz, but don’t have my own blog, I should not comment?! But I simply have never heard the term ‘pulled pork’ here? [Altho’ a number of US recipes have long taught!]. Other Oz readers, please help! But I do understand the term, and, since I love lean pork, it is more than appetizing, & I am ever so grateful to write all these ideas down and try them, one by one 🙂 !

    • colette at #

      As a kiwi living in the usa I understand not having heard the term. The best comparison would be shredded chicken. We smoke a pork butt in a smoker or some ppl do it in a crockpot but either way its low and slow. The meat becomes so tender that you can shred or pull it apart. Mix in some bbq sauce.. and put it on a hamburger bun with coleslaw and its yummo. Not any bbq sauce I tasted in nz though. Americans have taken bbq sauce to another level and I would recommend making your own or searcing out a really good store bought one. Hope I helped you understand this delish dish.

  4. Pulled pork is not something you hear much about here but I am intrigued. I don’t have a slow cooker though and usually have to make quick meals because I don’t get home from work until after 6pm. Maybe on the weekends…

    • avril rustage-johnston at #

      suzanne, not getting home until after 6 p.m. is precisely why you need a slow cooker! When you arrive home, weary and harried, there it is, filling your house with wonderful fragrances and ready to dish up. Afterwards, wash the insert and make up tomorrow’s recipe, which will rest politely in the ‘frig, until just before you leave for work, at which time it will slide into your slow cooker and busily cook, all unattended, until you arrive home, weary etc. See the bliss of it?

    • Chuck at #

      No need for a slow cooker. Use a crock pot. Just plop a frozen port butt in and add some Beef broth, maybe some beer and set it to cool low all day. Start it in the morning and when you get home the house will smell soo good. You can add things like peppers or what ever you like and there you go. Fast easy and ready when you get home. I’ve cooked if form 8 to 12 hours. It just falls apart.

      • Shootingstar at #

        To most cooks, a crock pot and a slow cooker are one and the same. Crock pot is a brand. Think of Kleenex vs tissue as a comparison.

        • That’s a great comparison. Just like “Xerox” has become synonymous with making copies.

      • Pat at #

        Yumm that sounds awesome

    • Lisa L at #

      Susan Perazzini…you might want to invest in a crock pot. They are fantastic for those of us who don’t get home until 6 or so. You can do SO much with a slow cooker!

    • angela at #

      Oh wow get yourself a slow cooker they are not expensive and are ideal for when you’re out at work all day! Chuck a pork shoulder in on low before you go to work and when you get home 8 -10 hours later it’s done! I shred it then pop it in the oven to dry out a bit…divine 🙂

    • Michelle at #

      Oh My Goodness Girl, You need to get a crockpot which will become your best friend! Put all ingredients of what you would like to cook in it, in the morning, turn it on low and leave for work! Viola…dinner will be done when you come home!

  5. I’d do anything to get the bbq pulled pork sandwich on top. I need to go sleep, but I have a feeling that I’d be thinking about this until I pass out. 😀

  6. jennifer at #

    We are trying pulled pork cheese fries tonight. My husband is going to be in heaven! thank you.

  7. Wartface at #

    ABT’s… Also known as Atomic Buffalo Turds in the BBQ business. Cut a jalapeño in half stuff it with Crete cheese and your left over pulled pork then wrap that with bacon. Was a toothpick to hold it all together. Cook on your grill or oven at 350 for 35 to 45 minutes until the bacon is crisp.

    Taco’s…. Or roll the pork in a tortilla and deep fry it until it browns.

    Make a stew…

    Put it in chili…

    • Carol Richardson at #

      I live in a small town where we only have one place to eat if we want to eat out…Oasis Restaurant of which I am the manager. I am going to try your TACO idea with Pulled Pork for our Special. Thank you.

  8. Angie at #

    Pulled pork is just slow cooked, so that it pulls easily off the bone. Delish.

  9. Al Williams at #

    Pork is the only meat that is non-gluten free – yeast. Please research and correct this in your description for the endive or lettuce cups. Otherwise, excellent site.

    Thanks much.

    • Alice at #

      Might want to do a bit more research yourself — processed pork meat, like in sausages, may have gluten added into it, but pork as a meat itself does not contain gluten.

    • Lauren at #

      Yeast has nothing to do with gluten, they are not at all the same thing. Gluten comes from wheat, yeast is an entirely different thing!

  10. anne marie at #

    Thanks….great ideas! I even joined pinterest after visiting this page.

    • Wonderful! Thank you for visiting and for following me on Pinterest!

  11. Joybee at #

    I love pulled pork and making good use out of leftovers. This is a great list…I’ve actually tried many of these ideas.


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  2. How to Utilize Your Barbecue Leftovers throughout the Week | TicketRiver Blog -

    […] Familyspice.com suggests using pulled pork in your macaroni and cheese as well as using leftover pork in egg rolls, dumplings, enchiladas, chili, nachos, baked potatoes, salads, crepes, quiches, and more. […]

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