Leftover Cranberry Sauce Scones

Got leftover cranberry sauce? No worries! They are perfect in these scrumptious whole wheat scones – just in time for the holidays!

Whole Wheat Leftover Cranberry Sauce Scones by FamilySpice.com

My kids aren’t the only ones this week unhappy that school started. The homework fights are back and everyone is dragging in the morning, not wanting to do what must be done or go where they must go. “The good news,” I told my kids, “is that Christmas break is only 4 weeks away!” They weren’t convinced. Personally, I am dreading Christmas shopping and figuring out my gift list. I mean not everyone is going to get a jar of jam!

As far as the kids are concerned, our house has plenty of toys, and we certainly don’t need any more. I have a love-hate relationship with the electronic gizmos in the house. Sadly, we’re done with the action heroes, matchbox cars and bionicles. Through yard sales and grandparents, we own a gazillion legos. I am leaning towards the experience-type gifts for my boys, but the hubby said they won’t be happy waving a sheet of paper on Christmas morning and would prefer racing a cool R/C car.


Leftover Cranberry Sauce Scones

In other news, I am happy to report that 95% of our Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. It makes me a little sad, though, but I think I knixed my turkey cravings! Of course, there is still some leftover pomegranate cranberry sauce sitting all lonely in the fridge. Don’t sweat it. Cranberries are highly acidic and your sauce can stay safe in your refrigerator for weeks without going bad. And since my 7-year old daughter has been asking for scones, I decided to use my leftover cranberry sauce to good use.

My daughter, she’s easy for the holidays. Anything with animal prints, pink or bling and she’ll be happy.

Me? I’m low maintenance. I don’t need any diamonds or rubies. Give me a beat up pallet or some tarnished spoons and I’m happy.

Mmmph. Food bloggers.

You can find the recipe for my Whole Wheat Leftover Cranberry Sauce Scones here.

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  1. mjskit at #

    What a clever idea for leftover cranberry sauce! I threw mine in a smoothie. I like your idea much better! They look delicious!

  2. This is so creative!!! Keeping these in mind next time we have extra cranberry sauce.

  3. “Give me a beat up pallet or some tarnished spoons and I’m happy.” So true! One can never have too many props for photos! Making scones is a great idea for leftover cranberry anything. I use them on top of biscuits sometimes – nice substitute for jam!

  4. I love scones AND cranberry sauce so this idea is right up my alley! PS: Beat up pallets and tarnished spoons make me happy too 🙂

  5. Beautiful scones, I love the cranberry sauce!

  6. What a great idea for leftovers! I wish I had some extra cranberries/sauce around to make these…

  7. Hahe, I guess us food bloggers are easy and cheap to shop for. Good luck with all the holiday madness…I mean lovely holiday prep and activities;) Your scones sound and look delicious. Thanks for sharing Laura!

  8. First, I want your cranberry sauce, and now I love your scones!!! No one needs to know “leftover” part because it looks perfectly delicious to me. 😉

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