Italian Sausage Hash with Idaho Fingerling Potatoes

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Whether for breakfast or a weekday meal, this Italian Sausage Hash with Idaho Fingerling Potatoes is total comfort food.

Italian Sausage Hash with Idaho Fingerling Potatoes by

Has it really been a month since I was at Camp Blogaway? It’s been a blur between being sick an

d school winding down. I had the pleasure of meeting the great folks from the Idaho Potato Commission. They spoiled us with a variety of delicious potatoes with our breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t care what diet you are on, deep down everyone adores potatoes.

I have been trying to convince my boys that potatoes are great in other forms besides the Illustrious French Fry. My Princess was born with this knowledge. Eventually, the boys discovered roasted potatoes and mashed potatoes, but it did take persistence on my part. And that includes green vegetables, too.

After years of smelling my roasted Brussel sprouts, the Professor decided to try one last week. You see, I cut them in half to make them extra oven-crispy. He tried one and liked it. I picked the crispiest ones because I knew he wouldn’t like the bitter taste these baby bundles tend to have. He ate 4 before he stopped. I asked him if he could eat 3 or 4 the next time I served them, he said he would.

Baby steps, you see. And this comes from the kid who used to want to eat plain buttered noodles, every day, if he could.

So, parents out there: Don’t give up.

Now, back to my potatoes.

After winning a potato trivia contest at camp with my bunk-mate, Emily at Roots and Platters, The Idaho Potato Commission sent me some wonderful gift: A giant Spuddy Buddy, a gift card, and a box of fingerling potatoes.

It’s hard to choose which one was my personal favorite. My Spuddy Buddy makes a great pillow…. Unfortunately, my Princess stole him from me.

I made this delicious Italian Sausage Hash (pictured at the top) with the wonderful Idaho Fingerling Potatoes that were sent to me. It’s great alone or with bread (as my hubby likes it). I used some of the left overs the next morning and had it with a poached egg. Delish.

Total comfort food.

Click here for the full recipe for my Italian Sausage Hash with Idaho Fingerling Potatoes.

I will post more potato recipes as I work my way happily through the box.

Until then, I will leave you with this Potato Trivia Question:

Which American president introduced the french fry to the United States?

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3 Responses to Italian Sausage Hash with Idaho Fingerling Potatoes

  1. Such a yummy hash. I can never resist the purple fingerlings…seriously they are purple people! Ehehehehe.

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! This looks delicious!!! I didn't know these are called fingerling potatoes. I love potatoes and this dish definitely looks appealing!

  3. Wendy at #

    This looks so good…my husband LOVES Italian sausage, and I love cooking fingerlings, so I'm pinning this one to make one night soon! I'm your newest follower…

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