Insomnia, Steve Jobs & A Baked Apple

I can’t sleep. It’s 3:30am and I’ve been up for two hours. I don’t know why I have this problem, but when I wake up to roll over or get up to go to the bathroom, in a split second everything that I forgot to do or didn’t have time to do rushes into my brain. From doctor appointments to schedule to bills needing payment to recipes on my mind, I lay there in bed… awake. I typically toss and turn for an hour and then head downstairs to my friend, my computer.

My MacPro, to be specific.

I am an Apple-Geek. I love all things Macintosh and I’m quite happy to share it with you, at 3:30 in the morning.

Thanks to the genius and vision of Steve Jobs, I am able to create, design and explore with my amazing computer. I found my calling.

I am not the only one sad that Mr. Jobs passed away yesterday. I remember the first Mac I used in college and it was love at first sight.

In graphic design, most people use Macs. My husband, because of his engineering programs, uses PC. I hate the PC.

The PC is user un-friendly and just wants to be a Mac. Sorry, Mr. Gates, but Windows is not OS X.

When my hubby’s laptop is acting up, he comes to me, his IT babe.

I shake my head and refuse to touch that horrible machine.

I bought my hubby the first iPod when he finished tiling our entire downstairs. It took him 10 months from the first time he pulled the carpet all the way to sealing the tile. Yeah, a big project.

We now own 4 iPods, 1 iPad and 1 iPhone.

I’m not bragging. I’m grateful that we can own these magical toys and the ease and convenience they add to my life.

What makes the mac different and what makes us mac-users labeled “zealots” is hard to explain. You have to be one, to understand, I guess.

So, on behalf of myself and other Mac-lovers, I want to say thank you, Mr. Jobs, for your vision and persistence. You have brought so much imagination and possibilities to our world. I have found enthusiasm in my work life and can see the future at our finger tips.

I just wanted to thank you.

Here’s a Baked Apple for my fellow Mac fanatics.

RIP Steve Jobs.


14 Responses to Insomnia, Steve Jobs & A Baked Apple

  1. Those look delicious! And I bet leftovers would make great stuffing for a roasted pork loin.

  2. Steve at #

    Gates hasnt been apart of microsoft for years, dont blame him for anything, he left after Windows Vista. Also, i can build a PC that will out do everything on a mac for half the price. Nice blog, however!

  3. Nice post! Mr. Jobs was truly amazing man. Apple will not be the same without him! Oh, and this baked apple sounds so good!

  4. The Mom Chef at #

    Bravo! I'm sure Steve's up in heaven asking where they keep the ice cream. It looks delicious.

    I'm sorry you have sleep problems. I do to, right about the same time. Stinks big time.

  5. Dzoli at #

    Yes one big Man has died.He ha sunselfishly left as great legacy.R.I.P

  6. Steve, if you want to start an argument in my family, all you need is to ask my dad how he feels about Apple. He can crash a Mac just by sitting next to it. He can keep his PC, and my brother and I will keep our Macs!

  7. Ann at #

    A baked apple…what a terrific homage. I was never an apple fan until about 8 years ago. Once we purchased our first MAC it's been a love affair ever since…now that's all we have… It was a sad day.

  8. I know that feeling all too well. Sadly my laptop – also a mbpro – is in reaching distance from my bed so it is way easy for me to grab it and postpone sleep for hours.

    What a beautiful post. I am a big mac obsessed myself. Worked in marketing with them while I was in college. I loved everything about the product and the company.

    And yum to that baked apple!

  9. What a great tribute to Mac! I also am a Mac addict! I came from a home that only had Mac computers since my mother was an art director.
    Your apples look amazing. Love the filling.

  10. lovely post Mac has changed how people think
    we love Mac and apple products too

  11. I completely agree. I've never *loved* a computer until I got a MAC. With PC, I always felt it was ME vs IT. I'll never have anything but a MAC. Oh, and I love the apple recipe. Beautiful job =)

  12. Junglefrog at #

    Yep… could not agree more.. My hubby has a PC too (the poor guy..doesn't know what he's missing) and I've only had a Mac for about 8 yrs now, but am a total convert. Just wish I had done it sooner! Would have saved me many pc melt downs!

  13. RFR at #

    nice! beautiful shot. i learned something about the origin of apple, but wanted to confirm from the internet and sure enough, i believe it's true: "Steve Jobs had worked during the summer at an apple farm, and admired the Beatles' record label, Apple. He also believed Apples to be the most perfect fruit. He and Steve Wozniak were trying to figure out a name for their new company, and they decided that if they couldn't think of one by the end of the day that was better than Apple, they would choose Apple. They couldn't think of anything better, so on April 1, 1976, Apple Computer, Inc. was born."

  14. I'm new to your blog, and this baked apple caught my eye… it looks so yummy and autumn-y and comforting! Yum! And yes, we've gotta hand it to Steve. Couldn't run my website without the technology that he created.

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