How to Get Kids to Eat Veggies: Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera

One sure way to get kids to eat their vegetables is to hide them. And they won’t notice all the good stuff hidden inside this Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera. Sponsored by Heartland Pasta.

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When I see a new mom, I start to remember how naive I was before I had kids. My neighbor and I laugh at our former selves and how we used to judge other moms and their children crying at the supermarket or throwing a tantrum at a restaurant. Now, instead of giving glaring stares, we receive them! My husband often asks me when he gets home from work, why I don’t enforce certain rules: Why are the kids watching tv? Why aren’t the kids doing their homework? Why are the kids eating snacks at 5pm? I usually look at him with this exasperated look on my face, wave my white dish towel and explain that they have beaten me. I have to pick my battles.

BUT, one of the battles that I refuse to back down on is getting the kids to eat their vegetables. I admit. I thought it would be easy. I eat vegetables. My husband eats vegetables. The baby ate the vegetables I gave them to him. What I didn’t count on was the baby growing up and starting to throw his vegetables and shout defiantly, “NO!”


Small retreat. Regroup. Begin again.

Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera by

Luckily, Kid #2 and Kid #3 were easier to work with. Middle Child will eat his vegetables as long as it’s in a soup. My Princess will eat salads, soups and practically any vegetable I give her. In fact, she proudly tells everyone that her favorite food is broccoli!

So, I am left with my oldest, the Professor, who used to eat vegetables and then decided one day that he didn’t like them anymore. Like marinara sauce. He used to eat it, then when he was three years old he decided he didn’t like it anymore. Of course, I wouldn’t accept that. He ate pizza, I explained. And the sauce on spaghetti was the same as pizza sauce. He bought my story. He continued to eat “pizza sauce.”

But, I was still left with a dilemma: How do I get my kids to eat veggies?

I decided it was time to get creative with my illustrious pizza sauce. I began making my marinara with all kinds of vegetables: broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, oh, and even tomatoes! I cooked them together and then puréed it. Presto! My Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera was born. Serve it vegetarian-style or with some ground meat. Either way, it’s a family favorite and weekly menu item in my household.

Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera by

To make things even healthier, Heartland Pasta sent me some of their Hidden Vegetable Pasta to sample. You will find 1 serving of vegetables in every 100 grams of pasta. More importantly, the pasta does not taste funny. I served it to my family, in secret, and no one noticed anything different about their dinner. Even my persnickety husband who notices everything in my cooking, texture, taste, color – not a peep. I fed the Hidden Vegetable Pasta to my daughter’s playmate – again, she gobbled it up. I ate it plain and I swear, I couldn’t tell any difference from Heartland’s Hidden Vegetable Pasta with regular pasta. If anything, the texture was more firm, and it didn’t turn to mush like ordinary pasta does.

I’m totally convinced.

Heartland Hidden Vegetable Pasta with Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera

The Professor was happy that I had leftovers for a few days. After middle school, he comes home ravenous and he has enjoyed eating a small bowl of my Kid-Friendly Pasta Primavera served over a hidden extra serving of vegetables with the Heartland Hidden Vegetable Pasta. I think he got a month’s worth of vegetables that week. I wonder if that carries over for those bad days when he doesn’t eat any vegetables?

I am super excited to be a featured blogger for Heartland Pasta. You can find my recipe for Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera and  read about my deepest, darkest secrets on their Facebook Page here. Okay, not so deep or dark, my husband says I’m boring, but I still think it’s pretty cool! Check out more great pasta recipes other food bloggers created for Heartland Pasta there, too.

Do you have veggie lovers in your house, or do your veggies need to go into stealth mode to get eaten?

Disclosure: I received samples of pasta and a stipend from Heartland Pasta. The story I have written is all true, and the opinions are truly mine. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t blog about it.

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8 Responses to How to Get Kids to Eat Veggies: Kid Friendly Pasta Primavera

  1. Fun post. You have to outwit kids sometimes, don’t you? Great idea for sneaking veggies into dishes they already like! Good stuff – thanks.

  2. Where to find this pasta brand??

  3. Sunithi at #

    ooh I love this … I make marinara sauce with tomatoes, beets & carrots… but never added squash to it. Seems more hearty. Will try this , Thanks !!

  4. You have found a great solution. As long as they can’t see the vegetables, they don’t taste them. Interesting.

  5. This may be kid friendly, but it looks adult friendly too – I want to grab a fork and dig in!

  6. Hidden veggies…love it 🙂 Looks pretty delicious for grownups too 🙂

  7. I remember my sister telling me that “her kids would never refuse to eat” like mine. When she had kids I sat back and laughed. They have personalities of their own from a very young age I told her. LOL

    Great way to park veggies for kids who can’t get past the taste or texture.

  8. Hehee I love your story – it always make me smile because we’re going through similar life and can relate! 😀 My kids are pretty good with veggies, but I did work hard from their young age AND still working on certain veggies that they are hesitant to eat. We must be persistent! 😉 Great post, Laura!

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