Homemade Holiday Gifts in a Jar & $100 Giveaway

Homemade Holiday Gifts in a Jar: Quince Jam

Since November is here, I think I can officially think about what the heck I’m going to give to friends and family for the holidays. If you are more organized than me, you might have all of your gifts figured out! One of my favorite gifts I give every year to friends, neighbors, teachers or family are homemade gifts – especially food gifts. And today, I am going to share with you some great fall recipes and ideas, all wrapped up in a beautiful canning jar.

Homemade Holiday Gifts in a Jar: Quince Jam

Jams and Jellies

As you know, I love jam. It’s a hug in a jar! And some of you have already canned your summer harvest to give away as gifts. From strawberry-rhubarbplumpeach or blueberry, summer jams bring a smile to faces that are shivering in the winter months. Didn’t can anything during the summer? No problem! Fall fruits make wonderful jams, too! You can make jams with figspomegranate and my personal favorite, quince. You can also use your autumn apples and make apple butter or apple sauce. Look out for an apple recipe perfect for canning next week!

Intimidated with canning? Check out my step-by-step instructions on hot water canning here!

Homemade Holiday Gifts in a Jar: Dark Chocolate Roll-Out Cookies

Cookies and Sweets

Need a unique way of gifting your holiday cookies? Make mini-sized treats and pack them in a mason jar. They are adorable, practical and downright unique. This works great for toffees, fudge and candies, as well. Of course, you don’t have to bake. You can always layer the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe in a mason jar and attach the recipe to it. Here’s the recipe for Dark Chocolate Roll-Out Cookies featured above.

Homemade Holiday Gifts in a Jar: Roasted Rosemary Cashews

Ah, nuts!

Got a health nut on your hands? I love roasting nuts and sprinkling them with my favorite spices and herbs. From cashews to walnuts, almonds to pecans, make them spicy or sweet. Anything goes! You can find the recipe here for Rosemary Roasted Cashews.

Other great uses for mason jars? I ended up with a boat-load of herbs this past summer, so I dried them and packed them away in mason jars. Make a spice collection using your home-dried herbs and give them away as gifts.

You can also bake in mason jars and make mini cakes or brownies. Once cooled, you screw on the top and presto! Your gift is ready to giveaway!

Homemade Holiday Gifts in a Jar & $100 Giveaway: Orange Sugar

Making infused sugars is also a great gift! I love adding orange zest to sugar to make orange sugar. It adds so much flavor when you sprinkle over scones, muffins or cookies. Try it with lemon zest and vanilla, too!

And speaking of giveaways, do I have a gift for youFreund Container and Supply is kind enough to get you started on your fall canning projects with a $100 gift certificate for any of the products you find here on their website. Now if that doesn’t get you motivated, I don’t know what else will!

And you don’t have to wait to win to get started your holiday projects. Freund Container and Supply is also offering a 10% discount off orders of $100 or more. Just enter in the code WOW10OFF when you check out.

Rules of the Contest:

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. There are several ways you can enter to win this $100 gift certificate:

  1. Leave a comment below on your favorite canning recipe, craft project or your favorite way to use a mason jar.
  2. Like Freund Container and Supply on Facebook and leave a comment below that you did so.
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  4. Tweet about the giveaway: Win $100 gift certificate from @freundcontainer & ideas for homemade holiday gifts in a jar [email protected]://su.pr/2nci96

Only U.S. and Canadian residents can enter. Must enter by November 12, 2012. The winner of this contest was Andy from Isabel and Andy Cook.
Disclosure: Freund Container and Supply sent me a box of Legacy Mason Jars to review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. All opinions are completely and totally mine!


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  1. I love to use mason jars to store all my dry beans, rice and grains in the pantry.

  2. “liked” on FB 🙂

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  4. “tweeted” the contest 🙂

  5. What a great post – so full of lots of great ideas! I love canning salsa for gifts, and to just have in the pantry all winter long!

  6. Jenne at #

    Cool gift ideas! I like making salsa, jams, and using them for fudge for gifts. Cupcake liners make a great decoration to go between lid and insert.

  7. Jenne at #

    I followed Legacy on Facebook via Jenne Kopalek

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    I tweeted about the giveaway on twitter and here is the details https://twitter.com/MooshuJenne/status/265825814250131457

  10. Robin Chesser at #

    I use canning jars to give people a part of my sourdough starter.

  11. Great ideas – I’d better get going…I make a lot of toffee, but no cookies.

  12. Shana at #

    I love mason jars for my smoothie add ins…ground oatmeal, raisins, chia seeds.

  13. Nicole at #

    I love this gift idea! I was considering giving food gifts this year as well, and maybe I will use the jars! My favorite way to use mason jars is just for storage, like a glass tupperware when I make sauces or jams. Also to store grains, like quinoa.

  14. Nicole at #

    Followed you on twitter! I am @tsiporahblog

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    I liked you on Facebook! I’m Nicole Small

  16. I love using mason jars for gifts! My current favorite way of using a mason jar is mini pies in a jar in the 4oz size.

  17. I liked Legacy Jars on Facebook

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  19. Jennifer Greenstein at #

    I love to put dry ingredients for cookies or treats in a jar and give them away as gifts!

  20. Jennifer Greenstein at #

    I liked Legacy Jars on FB

  21. What an awesome giveaway! I am OBSESSED with mason jars! I just can’t imagine how many I could buy with this gift certificate! 🙂

    My favorite way to use a mason jar is packing up a salad for work.

  22. Terri at #

    My favorite thing to can is spaghetti sauce!

  23. Trixie Rowe at #

    I love the versatility of mason jars! A very good friend of mine and I used some on a class project for our 5th graders to create snow globes 🙂 I love how old fashioned they look with a bouquet of fresh flowers in them. My daughter loves to use them to store her pretty hair ties and organize her small toys. Occasionally, I like to fill it with a pretty colored drink on a hot summer day (ie Sangria with the girlfriends!).

  24. Sara C at #

    My favorite canning recipe for fall is smoked pickled garlic. When you pickle garlic, it loses some of the astringency and gives it a little sweet flavor. GREAT for fall projects!

  25. Sara C at #

    Liked on Facebook!

  26. Annabell at #

    Mason jars are great for canning and just this year I canned loquat jam, which was very tasty! My tree is producing some nice fruit right now so that is what I will be working with in the next couple of months.

  27. Madeline at #

    I like Freund Container and Supply on Facebook (FB name: Madeline Brubaker).

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    I follow Freund Container and Supply on Twitter (@shala_darkstone).

  29. Zan at #

    I canned pasta sauce!

  30. Tony at #

    I always remember canning pickles with my grandmother. Those were the most delicious pickles in the world.

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  33. Ann Marie at #

    Following you and Freund on Twitter and tweeted the message. Just found you through Pinterest. So glad i did! I can’t wait to make your Rosemary Roasted Cashews.

  34. I haven’t had a chance (or courage?) to work with mason jars yet. I know I know… I should. Parts of me being lazy is causing this! It’s nice to be exposed to some new gift ideas. I always feel like no one wants my homemade stuff but I actually love getting homemade stuff. I’m not sure about just my gift… haha.

  35. I love keeping kosher salt in a jar and then scraping a vanilla bean in it to make vanilla salt! The jar is the perfect vessel for my vanilla baking salt!

  36. Gina at #

    I liked Freund Container and Supply on Facebook!

  37. Liked on Facebook!

  38. I’m a follower on twitter, too! @melissahiatt

  39. I like to use the jars to store my home made chocolate sauce, turn them into votive holders, flower vases, and I’ve even canned some guava jelly with them. They’re so versatile!

  40. Lysa at #

    Followed on twitter and Facebook! Tweeted also! I love Freund Containers! I used some bottles from them for a baby shower I helped host! I’d love to give sole Christmas goodies using Freund Containers! http://www.garciamemories.com/2012/08/my-sis-in-law-had-great-theme-idea-for.html

  41. I made jams, but not real canning – I always managed to finish the jam within a couple of weeks :-). I have not used mason jars yet, but I have seen so many amazing pie-in-a-jar recipes, and I would love to try one of them. And using them for gifts, like in your post, also sounds like a great idea!

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    I LOVE making my own jelly putting it in mason jars for gifts!!

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  45. And I tweeted about the giveaway – fingers crossed 🙂

  46. I don’t have a favorite recipe….yet! This will be my first Holiday season making/canning gifts for everyone. I’m so nervous, but SO excited! Thanks for the great recipe ideas in your post!

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  49. Tweeted! https://twitter.com/MelissaBadour/statuses/266601181571325954 Can you tell I’m excited for this?!?! lol

  50. Asmita at #

    I love mason jars and use them all the time. Your gift ideas are superb! Love them.

  51. Jen at #

    My kids love helping to layer the dry ingredients in the cookie-mix-in-a-jar gifts.

  52. Becky at #

    Okay, now you’ve got me wanting to do soup in a jar. Put the dry ingredients, spices & pasta in, attach the recipe. Or cookies! I always like that idea, too.

  53. Julie at #

    As a new herbalist, I love putting all of the dried herbs that I harvested in to the mason jars and have started making salves and tea blends for friends and family so I love to use all sizes!

  54. Kristen M. at #

    Yes, I’m one of those intimidated folks but I want to learn! My favorite use of canning jars is to pack them as drinking glass on camping trips. My husband and I like to bring along a bottle of wine to share beneath the starts. Packing a fancy wine glass, or drinking out of a water bottle just won’t do! The bonus is that we can pack small items inside the lidded canning jar for extra storage to and from the campsite.

  55. Kristen M. at #

    I liked Freund on FB.

  56. Stephanie T. at #

    I love pickles. I love their simplicity and I love their versatility. My other favorite is cran-apple jam. It’s a perfect jam for fall/winter and everyone in my family loves it!

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    I just made some vanilla sugar! 🙂

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    I love to make candles in mason jars! I have been doing it for years. Of course, I use them for food storage, etc also. 🙂

  63. jacquie at #

    i use mason jar for storage of beans, homemade granola, rice etc. the jars keep the products fresh and bugs out.

  64. TERESA at #

    I use them for all kinds of storage, even use for drinking to go glasses. Following on Twitter ! Thanks for the give a way 😉

  65. Marie at #

    I use jars for pickling cucumbers and beets. I also use them to store nuts, popcorn kernels and chocolate chips. I loveee mason jars!

    I also used them as flower vases for my wedding.

    I have liked Freund on FB & Follow on twitter.

  66. Jessica / Green Skies and Sugar Trips at #

    I love to make pickles!!! And Jams, and Jellies.

    Honestly I love it all!!!!!

    I love being able to provide good food for my family all year long!

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  71. Andy Tanner at #

    Isabel brought home a book from the library called Glass Jar Art and has decided to make a Wacky Monster for her brother and the picture paperweight for her grandmother for Christmas gifts. I will be canning cranberries!

  72. Jenny at #

    I love canning – all kinds – – something about food in a jar. Love it.

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    I use them for Manhattan Clam Chowder; a family tradition.

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