Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodie: Dried Herbs and Saffron Salt

Gift giving is easy when you have a garden of herbs. Dry them up, mix them with other seasonings and salts for a gourmet gift. Even make some saffron salt!

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodie: Dried Herbs and Saffron Salt by

I do my best to plan ahead. But I suppose I live for the chaos and stress because I tend to get more creative and productive when I am under the gun. It’s hard to feel the Christmas spirit in July or during Halloween. Next thing you know, Thanksgiving has come and gone, December is in full swing and you are scrambling for gift ideas for your friends and family.

Personally, I love homemade gifts and I think my friends like receiving my homemade gifts! Of course, I love to hand out baked goodies, but not everyone wants to indulge 24/7 in the calories and fat. My hubs and I seriously enjoy sharing our booze creations, but again, not everybody drinks.

Luckily, living in Southern California, we are not buried in freezing temperatures or snow. My garden is still full of herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano. Have a bay tree? Perfect! Why not dry your herb harvest and share with your friends?

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodie: Dried Herbs and Saffron Salt by

I found these cute tins on Amazon, which were the perfect size for sharing and storing dried herbs. I also fell in love with these adorable spoons. Wrap it all in twine, stick a tag in it and you’re done. Share a favorite recipe you like to cook using the spices you are giving away.

More importantly, you still have time to make these gifts, as it takes about a week to dry the herbs out, especially during these ultra-dry winter months.

Gourmet salts are also very popular right now, but you can make your own flavors, too, and wrap them up as gifts. Buy some sea salt in bulk and mix with dried herbs, garlic powder, pepper and other favorite seasonings.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodie: Dried Herbs and Saffron Salt by

I used my mortar and pestle to grind up a heap of saffron (of course) and mixed it with sea salt to make some very special saffron salt. It is super aromatic and is a wonderful way to add something special to the holiday meal.

So be creative this holiday and giveaway some foodie gifts you can find in your garden and pantry. You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to gift giving.

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5 Responses to Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodie: Dried Herbs and Saffron Salt

  1. Perfect Christmas gifts for food lovers. With Christmas in the summer, I RARELY feel the holiday mood. 🙂

  2. Where do you order your saffron, Laura? Weird, but I had in mind to email you earlier today – and here is your post! What proportion of saffron to sea salt do you recommend?

    Another easy homemade gift are small bottles of olive oil infused with a sprig of my never-stops-growing rosemary.

  3. I used it all…Be my saffron dealer?? xo

  4. mjskit at #

    I send a friend of mine dried sage every year and he never gets tired of it. Bet he would love this saffron salt as well. I know I would! Great ideas Laura!

  5. Hi Laura,

    thanks for the inspiration. I am big fan of saffron and I really enjoy experimenting with it. I have made truffle salt before. It was always a nice giveaway for friends. Next time I will surprise them with your saffron variation. Thanks for sharing and happy cooking.

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