Grocery Deals and Recipes: Sep. 30 – Oct. 6

As I am looking over this week’s grocery deals, I must say, I am not that excited. Nothing really jumps out and makes me run to the store to stock up and save. Granted, Albertson’s has raspberries for 99¢/ea Thursday-Sunday. I admit to be excited about THAT! Ralphs/Kroger has Gala and Red Delicious apples for 49¢/lb. But the meats? Eh. So-so deals. Which leaves me to the question: What should I write about today?!

It’s times like this that I like to emphasize shopping at your smaller farmer’s markets, ethnic grocery stores or anywhere special to find great deals. This week, I went to my nearest Middle-Eastern Store, North Park Produce. I’m guaranteed to get rock bottom prices on all their fresh fruits and vegetables. I can get savings from 50-70% compared to the big grocers. Don’t believe me?

Ralphs/Kroger this week is excited to sell you radishes and green onions 2/$1. Well, my little grocer offers them for as low as 4 or 5/$1. And this is good on parsley and cilantro, too. Apples? 49¢/lb is a great deal, but my kids love Granny Smith apples, which tends to cost more than the red ones. I can find them at the peak of the season for as little as 69¢/lb. Compare that to $1.49/lb or more form the big guys. In fact, over half of the fresh produce I find is less than a dollar a pound. And that includes the vegetables and fruits they specialize in: Persian cucumbers, Italian eggplant, tomatillos, peppers of all kinds, fresh herbs like basil, tarragon, mint and dill.

Plus, with many of these smaller grocers you can find a butcher shop, with a real life butcher to ask for special requests or answer any questions. If it’s a middle-eastern store, odds are, all the meat is Kosher. You can go beyond chicken and beef and get lamb, fresh fish and all the parts of the cow/lamb that most people would throw away! I’m talking, tongue, tripe, liver, etc…

Another favorite local grocer I like is Henry’s Marketplace.They’ve got great deals, especially this week, on fresh produce. They also have a big selection of organic produce and natural (hormone-free) meats and dairy. Great deals like asparagus for 97¢/lb versus Ralphs/Kroger for $1.49/lb and Granny Smith apples 50¢/lb versus Vons/Safeway for $1.49/lb. Check your local natural food store and you might be surprised at the great deals waiting for you.

Another favorite small store that is ALSO a national chain is Trader Joe’s. If you’ve got one near by and you haven’t visited, what are you waiting for? There really is a cult following for Trader Joe’s stores. Don’t believe me? They’ve even got a fan club!

Don’t be intimidated to walk in a Vietnamese or Middle-Eastern grocery store for the first time. You will be surprised to find all kinds of people shopping inside. You really will reap the benefits and find yourself leaving with a shopping cart full of great food for so much less than what your big grocer will cost.

And lastly, for weeks like this, you can take advantage of the great cuts of meat you have stocked up in your freezer!

Now, with all this talk of apples, here’s a great dessert you can whip in no time. It’s from the Barefoot Contessa, so you know it’s going to be good!

French Apple Tart

So much easier than an apple pie and just as delicious! Crispy crust meets warm and sweet apples. Nothing says Fall like an apple-dessert! For the full recipe, click here!

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