Grocery Deals and Recipes: Sep. 23 – Sep. 29

I must admit something to you. Before I started writing this column, I didn’t regularly check my grocery circulars. I bought most of my meats from Costco, one-stop shop and relatively good deals. But, after studying the weekly specials, I managed to convince myself that I CAN get better prices on meats than what I find at Costco. An hour of my time, and I’ve got my spreadsheet filled up with the best grocery deals. Another 30 minutes, I’ve got everything ready for you. My husband was skeptical at first. He thought I was spending too much time on my blog. But when I proudly showed him my receipts, displaying 60-80% savings, he is a changed man. One night last week or the week before, while driving home late from my in-law’s, he happily sat in the parking lot with three sleeping kids while I ran in the store and bought my three whole chickens for 77¢/lb. If I can convert my husband, I certainly can convert you!
This week whole chicken is on sale for 99¢/lb at Albertsons and Ralphs/Kroger. Not as cheap as last week’s 77¢/lb, but still a good deal. And for three days, Friday-Sunday, Albertsons has chicken drumsticks, thighs or leg quarters for 87¢/lb. Prefer white meat? Vons/Safeway has healthy boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.97/lb.

Want meat? Albertsons has boneless chuck roast for $1.99/lb, which is fabulous for pot roast. Also on sale at Albertsons is 85% lean ground beef and London Broil for $1.99/lb. Still craving summer barbeque? Again, Albertsons has pork country style ribs for $1.49/lb.

Apples and pears are in season now, so for 99¢/lb you can get Gala and Jazz apples from Ralphs/Kroger. Henry’s Marketplace has Bartlett and D’Anjou pears for 50¢/lb. If you don’t have smaller farmer’s markets to shop in, try Ralphs/Kroger for Bartlett Pears for 77¢/lb. You can still find summer fruits like Cantaloupe (19¢/lb at Albertsons), Navel Oranges (47¢/lb at Vons/Safeway), Peaches (68¢/lb at Ralphs/Kroger), Strawberries ($2/lb at Henry’s) Kiwi (3/$1 at Ralphs/Kroger) and Pineapple ($1.99/ea at Vons/Safeway).

You can still eat salads for pretty cheap. Vons/Safeway has Fresh Express Salad Blends for 10/$10. These are great to use when you are low on time and need to put your salad together in a flash. Also on sale for those with little time, are Fresh Eat Smart Cut Vegetable Bags on sale at Albertsons for $2/ea. From Friday through Sunday, stock up on Haas Avocados, on sale at Albertsons for 59¢/ea. Veggies for steaming, grilling or roasting are on sale: Asparagus at Henry’s for $2/lb, Broccoli and Cauliflower at Ralphs/Kroger for 77¢/lb, Celery at Vons/Safeway 10/$10, Eggplant at Vons/Safeway for $1/lb, White or Red Onions at Albertson’s for 99¢/lb, Red or White Potatoes for 77¢/lb at Ralphs/Kroger, Russet Potatoes for 68¢/lb at Ralphs/Kroger, Italian or Yellow Squash at Vons/Safeway for $1/lb, 1-pint of Grape Tomatoes at Vons/Safeway for 99¢/ea, Vine-Ripe Tomatoes for 97¢/lb at Henry’s and Hot House Tomatoes for 77¢/lb at Ralphs/Kroger.

Remember, Vons/Safeway TRIPLES coupons (up to $1) so it is worth taking the time to go through them before you shop. Although not for consumption, but still a great deal is toothpaste this week. Aquafresh is 88¢/ea at Vons/Safeway and Colgate toothpaste AND toothbrushes are on sale for 10/$10 at Albertsons. Suave Hair Care products are also on sale for 88¢/ea at Vons/Safeway. Combined with coupons, you can get these for FREE!

Brined Chicken

Brining is a great way to insure a moist chicken. Using a combination of salt, brown sugar, orange zest and herbs, your chicken will fall off the bone with flavor. Click here for the full recipe!

Roasted Vegetables

Can you tell I love to roast? This technique is versatile for meats and vegetable. And with the fall veggies coming out, the choices are boundless. Great for all root vegetables, like potatoes and carrots, but also for cauliflower and squash – all conveniently on sale this week! Click here for the full recipe!

Fettucini with Shrimp and Roasted Vegetables

Great with shrimp, chicken or strictly vegetarian, this pairs pasta with roasted mediterranean vegetables: eggplant, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and bell peppers. Got picky eaters? Purée the roasted vegetables and you’ve got a creamy sauce for your pasta! Click here for the full recipe!

For more great recipes, visit Family Spice!

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