Grocery Deals and Recipes: Nov. 4 – Nov. 10

This has been an interesting week. In an effort to keep my kids healthy, they finally received their flu shots. And now, I have three sick kids laying around the house. If you that sounds familiar to you, then cheers to the parents taking care of their sick kidlets and a speedy recovery to all!

I was able to peel myself away from cleaning noses and refilling oj glasses to go through the grocery deals for this week. I’m still buzzing from last week and my freezer is full of whole chickens, pork shoulder roasts, and chuck roasts from stocking up! Do I have room for anything else?

The chuck roast is on sale this week for $1.97/lb at Vons/Safeway. It certainly is the lowest price I’ve seen it sold at, but it’s good enough in a pinch. The boneless round rump roast is on sale at Albertsons for $1.99/lb, as well. Ralphs/Kroger has their roasts on sale, Buy One Get One for free (BOGO): beef top round, boneless cross rib roast, eye of round, boneless round rump roast, sirloin tip roast, and tri-tip roast. But, since they didn’t state their price, you can be sure it isn’t rock bottom cheap, even for two roasts. And since I’m home with sick kids, I wasn’t able to go to the store yet myself to check out their prices. So, buyer beware: this may or may not be a great deal.

With the fall season here, look for lamb specials. Albertsons has a leg of lamb, bone-in, for $4.99/lb.

This week’s pork roast, the butt roast, is on sale for 99¢/lb at Albertsons. You can also get the pork shoulder steak (Vons/Safeway) and pork spareribs (Ralphs/Kroger) for $1.99/lb. Chicken is the meat to stock up on this week: boneless skinless chicken breasts (Vons/Safeway and Albertsons) for $1.77/lb, boneless skinless chicken thighs (Vons/Safeway) for $1.77/lb, split chicken breast (Ralphs/Kroger) for 99¢/lb, and chicken drumsticks, thighs and leg quarters (Ralphs/Kroger) for 99¢/lb.

Start looking for turkey deals, too, now that Thanksgiving is coming up. Vons/Safeway has whole turkey’s (up 10 16lbs) for $5/each, Butterball brands for $8/each. And whole turkey’s (over 16lbs) for $7/each, Butterball brand for $10/each. Remember, the goal is to maximize your profit. Get the largest size possible for each price, and remind yourself that turkey is great in leftovers and a healthy source of protein!

It’s definitely fall and apples are definitely in season (and on sale!) with the following great deals: Cameo (Henry’s Marketplace) for 47¢/lb, Gala (Vons/Safeway) for 47¢/lb, and Fuji (Ralphs/Kroger) 88¢/lb. You can still find blackberries and blueberries, too, at Vons/Safeway 2/$3. Load up on cranberries, they are rolling into your store at 2/$5 (Albertsons). But, if you can wait, the price will get lower. Yummy cantaloupes are on sale at Albertsons for 69¢/lb. At Ralphs/Kroger you can find pineapples 88¢/lb, navel oranges 99¢/lb, pomegranates for 99¢/each, and pears (Bartlett, Bosc, and Anjou) for 79¢/lb.

Great vegetables for your turkey are also on sale: green cabbage (Ralphs/Kroger) 2lbs/$1, asparagus (Henry’s Marketplace) $1.77/lb, green beans (Ralphs/Kroger) $1.47/lb, 10lb bag of russet potatoes (Ralphs/Kroger) 99¢/each, yellow squash and zucchini 99¢/lb, fresh spinach (Ralphs/Kroger) 77¢/bunch, Roma Tomatoes (Vons/Safeway) 99¢/lb, yams (Vons/Safeway ) 99¢/lb, and Fresh Express salad bags 99¢/each at Ralphs/Kroger.

Remember, there is no excuse to making a delicious and healthy homemade meal on the cheap!

Easy Roasted Turkey

Don’t be intimidated with your turkey dinner. It really is a super easy meal to put together. The key is to thaw it completely and roast it according to the bird’s directions. It really doesn’t get any easier. Lather is with butter and herbs, and you will have one beautiful meal for the whole family. For the full recipe, click here.

Green Bean Casserole

I know it’s easier with a can of mushroom soup, but it isn’t as tasty as real mushrooms, cream and the crunch of water chestnuts. Topped with sweet caramelized onions, and you will never go back to the again! For the full recipe, click here.

Spiced-Tea Cranberry Sauce

Kick up the WOW-factor with this aromatic and awesome cranberry sauce. Made with earl grey tea, cardamom, anise and cinnamon your family will fall in love with this easy homemade cranberry sauce. For the full recipe, click here.

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