Grocery Deals and Recipes: Nov. 11 – Nov. 17

Well, it’s official my freezer in the house and my freezer in the garage is totally stuffed! I have three turkeys, three whole chickens, several chuck roasts, pork roasts, boneless skinless chicken breasts, ground beef, chicken legs and thighs…. I stocked up on my favorite frozen veggies: corn, peas and spinach and I’m sure there is more but it’s too stuffed to find! Whew! And they were all purchased at rock bottom prices, nothing more than $1.99/lb. YES! Oh wait, I better get cooking to make room for the next batch of deals!

What is on sale this week, you ask? Take a deep breath and let’s begin!

If you are planning an extra-ordinary dinner and need some first class meats, this is your week. Beef Tenderloin roasts are on sale at Vons/Safeway for only $7.97/lb. This is as low as it goes, people. Henry’s Marketplace has filet mignon steaks for $7.99/lb, and that’s all natural preservative-free meat. Get boneless top sirloin steaks for $1.99/lb at Ralphs/Kroger. This Friday through Sunday Albertsons has 85% lean ground beef for $1.88/lb.

In the mood for pork? Ralphs/Kroger has the pork butt roast for $1.69/lb and Vons/Safeway has the pork shoulder blade roast for $1.49/lb. Not as low as last week’s 88¢/lb, but a still a good buy. You’ll start seeing ham deals coming out, too, with the start of the holiday season. Right now the best deal is the Farmer Johns Full Half Hams for $1.59/lb at Ralphs/Kroger.

Ralphs/Kroger has Foster Farms chicken for 50% off, again, a good deal, but not screaming at me. Vons/Safeway has chicken drumsticks, thighs and whole Foster Farms chickens for 99¢/lb. For your Thanksgiving feast (or even better stock up for Christmas) your turkey deal is at Albertsons this week. They have a $10 off coupon for a whole turkey. This works great if you want something 15lbs or less. Let me explain, they are selling these turkeys for 99¢/lb, so for a 15lb turkey you will pay $14.85, minus $10 and the max you pay is $4.85. Vons is selling up to 16lb turkeys for $5. Their $7 deal for the larger turkeys is over. Both Albertsons and Vons/Safeway have a $25 minimum purchase needed for you to get this deal, and the purchase limit is one. Only Albertsons requires you to have the coupon in the mailer (which you can always find at the front of the store).

Need fruit? Ralphs/Kroger has Gala apples for 88¢/lb. Henry’s Marketplace has 10 variety of apples on sale for 88¢/lb. Albertsons and Vons/Safeway has red seedless grapes for $1.99/lb. Get some honeydew melons for 69¢/lb and navel oranges 2lbs/$1 at Albertsons. This Saturday and Sunday only Vons/Safeway has Bartlett pears for as little as 38¢/lb: This is a screaming good deal for pears!! Yeah! Ralphs/Kroger has Bosc, Anjou, and red pears for 88¢/lb

Vons/Safeway has Hass avocados 3/$1 and vine-ripe tomatoes for 87¢/lb. Ralphs/Kroger has iceberg lettuce for 67¢/ea, brown onions 2lbs/$1, zucchini for 99¢/lb and 8oz of white or baby bella mushrooms (sliced or whole) for $1.99/ea. Stock up on frozen veggie favorties 14oz/$1 at Albertsons or 12oz/88¢ at Ralphs/Kroger.

Dairy deals are here, too: Lucerne butter $1.99/lb (Vons/Safeway), brick of Philly cream cheese 3/$5 (Ralphs/Kroger) and 1 dozen of large eggs 99¢/ea (limit 2 – Ralphs/Kroger).

Ralphs is tripling coupons this week (up to a $1) so take advantage of that deal. They also have Duncan Hines cake mix for 88¢/ea, 2lb bags of all-purpose flour for 88¢/ea (limit 2) and select General Mills cereals and bars 4/$1.50 ea. Alberstson has their dollar deals going 10/$10 gets a number of items such as: Pillsbury cake mix, Cool Whip topping, 64 oz Minute Maid punch or lemonade, Pop Secret microwave popcorn 3-count package, Carnation evaporated milk, marshmallows and much more! You really can stock up now for your holiday baking!

Happy Shopping!

Beef Cutlets with Cauliflower

This is a Persian staple. Typically made with potatoes, onions and ground beef you form a nice patty, coat it with bread crumbs and fry them up in the pan. This recipe has been modified by replacing half of the potatoes with cauliflower. The texture is still smooth and no one will notice the mild taste of the cauliflower. Wrap them in lavash or eat them without bread, either way your family and friends will really enjoy these cutlets! For the full recipe click here.

Sugar Cookies

Are you ready for Christmas baking? This recipe is from Alton Brown and this is my go-to-sugar cookie recipe. It produces a thin, sweet, but not overwhelmingly sugary cookie. It doesn’t crumble or fall apart when you bite into it either. Great for birthdays and any other holiday you can dream of! Delicious without frosting, too! For the full recipe click here.

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