Grilled T-Bone with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

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You won’t be missing steak sauce with this recipe for Grilled T-Bone with Creamy Mushroom Sauce.

Grilled T-Bone with Creamy Mushroom Sauce by
I am loving these long days! I do so much more in the daylight hours than I do when the sun sets! I am definitely not a night owl, as my system seems to shut down as the light disappears. Like many other families, we are finding ourselves outdoors more often and longer. And that includes supper time, too.

Our 11-year old barbeque is begging for retirement, but we keep using it. I suppose we will have replace it before the summer is through. The lighter doesn’t work anymore, the whole bottom under the grill disintegrated. If we wheel it anywhere, it will probably completely fall apart. The cover is cracked from the hot sun and cool nights. But, my man isn’t ready to part with his first real grill. You never forget your first love, I suppose!

Grilled T-Bone with Creamy Mushroom Sauce by

We’ve been grilling everything this summer. Chicken, shrimp, fish, beef. I found some nice T-Bones this week and we threw it on our grill with this delicious creamy mushroom sauce. Well, we didn’t really throw it on. The poor grill IS fragile. But, you get what I mean!

My man is in charge of the fire, and I make the usual sides and sauces. If I try to do both, I usually burn the meat! So, he stays outside with the important job of cooking our meat to medium-rare and I supply him with everything else. It’s a great relationship! Of course, if we got one of those fancy-schmancy grills where you can put a pan on it and barbeque, well, that would be heaven!


For the full recipe for Grilled T-Bone with Creamy Mushroom Sauce click here.

Grilled T-Bone with Creamy Mushroom Sauce by

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  1. That is one fantastic -mouthwatering T-bone steak! Wow I would love that for dinner , and that mushroom sauce looks so perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! We love LOVE mushrooms and always are looking at adding them to dinner!

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