Gluten Free Breakfast Bars

You don’t need to buy those expensive protein bars when you can easily whip up a batch of Gluten Free Breakfast Bars.Gluten Free Breakfast Bars by FamilySpice.comSince summer is here, I have been struggling a bit to not eat the same foods that my kids eat. Of course, I don’t feed them junk. Their lunches and dinners are healthy. But, I always seem to struggle with them over breakfast. Plus, it’s summer, so I have time to make them the yummy chocolate chip waffles and pancakes that I usually say no to during the school year. And, did I mention I have a sweet tooth? Especially with my morning tea…

Well, after discovering the gluten free brownie from my new favorite food blog, Elana’s Pantry, I found another yummy answer to my breakfast quandry: The Gluten Free Breakfast Bar? Oh yes, I must try this!

Now, don’t let the picture fool you. Yes, you see lots of nuts and seeds. No, this doesn’t belong in the bird feeder. Now my fellow chocaholic gal-pal has always been more than willing to try whatever I throw her way. But, she admitted to being apprehensive to trying the gluten-free breakfast bar. “It looks too healthy,” she told me the morning I handed it to her. It was actually 6 hours later, while I was eating dinner, that I received a text from her telling me that they were awesome and they were her new favorite treats! Her three kids loved them, too.

Now, the brownie recipe called for almond butter. These breakfast bars use blanched almond flour, which is finely grounded blanched almonds. Elana is very particular about her almond flour (you can read about it here). Now, I used the Red Mill brand from my local Henry’s and the recipe still turned out great. Almond flour is expensive, even in California stores. It’s best to buy one bag and try the recipes out for yourself to see if it’s what you like. I personally love these recipes and plan on buying my bulk supply of almond flour soon.

The breakfast bars also have shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almond slivers and raisins. And, it is sweetened with my favorite, agave nectar.

One bar kept me full in the belly and satisfied through the whole morning. Honestly, I was energized and focused, which says a lot for me! I was also very sad when I ate my last breakfast bar. I am all out of agave nectar… I definitely need to stock up with more!

Click here for the awesome Gluten Free Breakfast Bar recipe.

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