Girls’ Night Out!

I love my neighbors. My family and I have been blessed with awesome neighbors. Our kids have extended siblings and you will always find each other’s kids at another’s house. The ladies on my street are my best friends and we love celebrating each other’s birthdays together. It’s our time to get together, compare notes about our kids and laugh about nothing or everything!

Of course, we don’t always get out of the house to celebrate. Last week was Lyn’s birthday and since we had crazy schedules, another neighbor, Karen, hosted a little gathering for the birthday celebration. Some of us could only stay an hour, another arrived late, but it all worked out great.
Our lovely hostess made this beautiful drink, the Desert Sunrise. A great mixture of orange juice, pineapple juice, vodka and grenadine.

We each brought some homemade appetizers, including these yummy crab cakes.Who could have just one? This recipe came from a great restaurant here in San Diego, The Pacifica Del Mar.

We also nibbled on pizza with yellow bell peppers & capers (pictured above) and a delicious Persian Eggplant Dip (Kashkeh Bademjoon).

There was dessert, but I missed it. Had to run home across the street and wash the kids. It was still a great night for me and my gal-pals.

Cheers Ladies, until the next birthday!

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  1. nazmin at #

    trully food lover… 🙂

  2. Karen P at #

    LOVE it! Great food & friends. Ok, whose birthday is next?

  3. I believe it’s Annabell’s turn. And boy, does she need it!

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