Get Educated and Eat Safe

Enjoy raw or undercooked eggs without worry of Salmonella. Sponsored by Davidson’s Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs.

Davidsons Safest Choice Eggs

September is National Food Safety Month! What? Doesn’t sound as glamorous as National Pie Day or International Stuff-Yourself-With-Pizza-Month, does it? But, considering that the salmonella bacteria is the number-one culprit in foodborne illness AND the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that Salmonella causes more deaths than any other foodborne bacteria, don’t you think you should pay a little more attention to eating safe?

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I am proud to be working with Davidson’s Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs because their eggs are not only from vegetarian-fed hens that are hormone and antibiotic free, but they are also completely pasteurized.

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So when I make ice cream with eggs, simmer some Hollandaise sauce, add a raw egg to a smoothie or even cook a soft-boiled egg, the threat of salmonella poisoning is completely eliminated. And for a mom, that’s HUGE.

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Remember, “organic”does not mean “pasteurized.” Washing your eggs does not protect you from Salmonella. If the bacteria is present, it is usually inside the egg. And an egg contaminated with Salmonella, doesn’t “smell bad” or “look bad.” You can not detect Salmonella by taste or by sight.

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Pasteurization is safe, not radioactive and  it does not destroy the nutrients inside the egg.

Are you ready to eat safe? Click here for a coupon from Davidson’s Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs. I’m happy to report to my San Diego peeps that you can buy these eggs at Sprouts Farmers Market.

Disclosure: I did receive a stipend from Safest Choice Eggs™. The opinions expressed in this post are truly mine. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t blog about it.


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  1. Adri at #

    I have used Davidson’s eggs for years. They are truly a wonderful product. Now we are enjoying many dishes that for years we avoided. I always recommend these eggs in a recipe where raw eggs are to be used, such as stove top preparations, like crema inghliterra and zabaglione, also in cocktails. Once I discovered these eggs Iwas again able to serve my husband’s favorite dessert, Tiramisu; my reciep calls for raw eggs. There is a carton of Davidson’s eggs in our fridge right now, and when my husband awakens he’ll enjoy his poached eggs with no fear of foodborne illness

    I am always dismayed when I print a recipe that discusses the need to cook eggs to at least 160 degrees F. or to use Davidson;s in shell pasteurized eggs. I hear from readers who do not understand, and seem to have no grasp on the importance of this. Many folks are somewhat cavalier, going so far as not to tell their guests that they are about to
    consume raw eggs. To say that behavior is irresponsible is to understate the situation.

    Your recipe looks wonderful, and as always, your photographs are captivating!

  2. Kumar's Kitchen at #

    yes…this is such an informative post…and all those delicious treats are just calling us out to try them,thanks for sharing 🙂

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