How to do More Sit-Ups

Before you start cranking out multiple reps, you need to make sure your sit up form is perfect and set up an efficient routine.


Lie flat on you back with your shoulder blades touching the ground. Your knees must be bent with the feet flat on the ground. Keep your back straight, chin off of your chest and contract your abdominals. Try not to use your arms to lift off ground.

 2. Determine your baseline repetitions.

To find the number of repetitions you should perform in each set, do as many sit-ups as you can in two minutes and divide this number by three. This is your baseline repetition count. Each workout will generally include 3 sets of this number of repetitions added to the rest of your core routine.

3.  Start with the basic sit-up workout.

The core is just like any other muscle group and should not be done every day and should always be done after a proper warm-up. Do your sit-up workout every other day (such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Warm up with slow jog, cycling on a stationary bike, or jumping rope. Perform your basic workout with three sets of repetitions with a 30 second rest between each set. Each week, add 2-3 sit-ups to your sets. Retest yourself every four weeks and set a new repetition baseline.

4.  Include a variety of abs and core exercises.

Variety helps with avoiding plateau and boredom. If your goal is to do more sit-ups, you’ll need to improve your overall core strength and endurance. Consider using a variety of different abdominal exercises that help build good core strength and stability. Some exercises to add to your workout include:






5.   Add resistance to your sit-ups.

This can be done by adding a medicine ball or weight, or by using an incline sit-up bench. Even if you perform just half of your regular reps during this workout, you’ll gain core strength fairly quickly. This can be incorporated one day a week for optimal gains.

6.  Stretch it out and rest.

Always end your workout with stretching the back and abdominals. If you are performing sit-ups or other abs exercises to fatigue, you will need to allow at least one day of recovery between workouts. Practicing sit-ups every day can back-fire and result in a decrease in strength and endurance.