Don’t Wait for Monday! Get Started Today!!!

Any day, is a good day to get off the chair and move your body. Exercise, sweat and feel alive. After a short while you will become addicted to it and will be hard to stop. Remember moderation is always the key. Do not start too hard and heavy. Little by little add to the intensity and the #s.

1. The more you move the more you burn.
2. variety is the Spice of Life. There are so many formats that you can follow, on your own or in fitness Classes.
3. Buddy System, makes you show up, where you need to be and it keeps you from slacking.
4. Train Smart. Do not overdo, and do not hurt yourself. Remember “NO PAIN NO GAIN”  is a myth. do not follow that myth.
5. Intensity. Add to the intensity as you continue your program. Start easy and add to it every other week.
6. Recover. Always allow your body to rest.
7. Hydrate. Carry a water bottle with yourself at all time. take a sip, even before you feel thirsty.
8. Food is Medicine…. DON’T O. D.  !!!!