Family Spice Fitness Advice and Workouts by Certified Fitness Trainer Hengameh Bashar

Time To Get Fit!

With Family Spice’s recipes you can start a healthy lifestyle with delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare meals. And with our workout sheets, you will develop stronger muscles and a leaner body with simple, easy-to-follow moves. Who prepares our wonderful workout routines?

Family Spice Fitness Advice and Workouts by Certified Fitness Trainer Hengameh Bashar

Meet Hengameh!

Hengameh Bashar has over 15 years experience as an instructor and personal trainer. She can be found all over San Diego, teaching in private homes, public gyms or even corporate offices. You can also find Hengameh training Americas finest Marines and making them wish they were back at boot camp when they take her classes at Miramar Base (MCRD).

Her many certifications include:

• Personal Fitness Trainer/Aerobics Instructor certified by AFAA, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
• Spinning, weight & resistance training (dumb bells, bar bells, medicine balls, tubing, resistance bands)
• Step certified thru Reebok
• Kickboxing certified by Turbokick
• Bootcamp training thru 24 Hour Fitness Gym
• Mat Pilates & Yoga thru AFAA
• Salsa and Street Dance thru 24 Hour Fitness Gym
• CPR certified
• 30 years experience in belly dancing & Persian dance

Hengameh’s Core Beliefs:

Core strength and proper form is my objective with every client. I would like everyone to first learn how to become and stay strong from the inside. After that, we can concentrate on how you look on the outside. If we compare the human body to a big beautiful building, it can last forever if the frame is strong. If the frame is weak, everything will crumble around it. Strong bones and a solid core will keep your body fit and healthy.

Muscle Fibers need to be worked in different ways to maintain its flexibility and strength. Breathing is also very important. I focus on these points because through breathing muscles receive oxygen. And through the oxygen, muscles become flexible and ready for the exercise. This prevents injury.

“Put your brain on your muscle,” is what you will hear me say to you all of the time.

And especially, remember to maintain form: Keep your back straight, abs tight, shoulders back, joints soft, look at the horizon ahead of you and don’t forget to breathe! Imagine what you want to be and you can achieve it! But, most importantly, have fun and keep a smile on your face. A positive attitude is priceless when exercising.

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