Fisherman’s Wharf, A Recap

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Well, my family and I are back in San Diego. We had an exhausting 12 day road trip, ending with Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. I have about 15 loads of laundry to work on this week as I reflect on our trip and get back to cooking in the kitchen. I found much cooking inspiration from our San Francisco leg of the trip. I’m definitely ready to made my clam chowder, full of clams and not potato! Maybe I will dabble with sourdough bread, too? I really enjoyed my seared scallops from Scoma’s, and if I find some on sale, I will definitely make that as well.

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While visiting Golden Gate Park and the North Coast near Point Arena, we discovered wild blackberry bushes everywhere. My husband and kids really enjoyed picking the blackberries and popping them in their mouth, after a quick rinse from our water bottles! Everywhere we went, we could find a blackberry bush waiting for us to pick them. Maybe a blackberry pie is in the not so distant future.

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But, I admit, most of my inspiration came from San Francisco and Fisherman’s Wharf. It really is a mecca of food sensations. I adore seafood, in every shape and form. Love Oysters Rockefeller, fried calamari, soft shell crabs, steamed crab legs, grilled snapper… You name it, we love it. Walking around the wharf and seeing the assortment of vendors lined up with their fresh catch was a lot of fun. So much to eat and taste, and not enough room in the stomach!! This wasn’t my first trip to San Francisco, but I’m always finding something new that I didn’t experience before. I definitely will be back to visit and next time I will be ready to sample even more!

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