Father’s Day Worksheet

Here’s a fun and colorful Father’s Day worksheet for the kids to fill out to show how much they love their Daddy!

Father's Day Worksheet for Kids

In case you forgot, Father’s Day is this weekend! And despite my husband’s disdain for these “Hallmark Holidays,” we do celebrate and honor the joys of being a dad. And this Father’s Day, both my dad and my father-in-law will be out of town, so we can spoil the father of my kids without distraction. And per his request, we will be at the beach all day, even if the June Gloom marine layer doesn’t burn off and we freeze our booties there.

Of course, I could be vindictive and give the hubby a taste of his last-minute medicine, but I usually rise above it and do something fun with the kids for father’s day. <snort! snort> When they were littler ones, they used to get these sheets from school where they filled in the blanks and gave funny answers to simple questions. It’s one of the treasures we keep from their childhood.

But many of these answer-sheets are pretty ugly or were missing better questions, so I usually made one of my own. So, for an inexpensive show-your-love kinda father’s day gift, I’m sharing my version of the father’s day questionnaire, fun for all kids to fill out.


Click here for the worksheet: Fathers Day Work Sheet

Here’s another printable: Father’s Day Mad Libs

And for the Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day Mad Libs

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10 Responses to Father’s Day Worksheet

  1. Cute idea, Laura!

  2. Really fun idea! And I’ll bet your kids love it – and their father even more (yes, I know, he has to be a tough guy and above it and all, but that’s all show, as you both know 😉

  3. Great idea – and bundle up for the beach on Sunday 😉

  4. What a lovely idea and I’ll bet the answers will be fun too.

  5. Eha at #

    Substitute ‘husband’ for ‘daddy’ – would LOVE to peek at your answers 😉 !

  6. cakwhiz at #

    awwww…. such a cute idea for our lovely fathers!

  7. This is a good one! Thank you Laura! Hope you have a great Father’s Day. We’ll be at the beach in Santa Cruz for a day. 🙂

  8. Candi at #

    Hi there,
    Do you happen to have one of these for Mother’s Day?
    Its so cute!

    • Hi Candi! No I don’t, but great idea! I will put one together for next mother’s day.


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