Double Chocolate Chunk Marshmallow Cookies

These Double Chocolate Chunk Mashmallow Cookies will remind you of the joys of roasting marshmallows over a campfire. All in one bite.

Double Chocolate Chunk Marshmallow Cookies by

My kids are interesting creatures. When I ban the tv & video games and tell them to play with their toys, I get blank stares and proclamations of boredom. When I tell them to clean their room, they play with their toys. When I tell them to play together, they fight. And when I tell them to get dressed, they laugh and play together. If I play my cards right, I could use reverse psychology to get what I want from them. But, 9 times out of 10, I need them to get dressed and not play. You know what I mean?

My kids are also into music. My oldest is 10, the youngest 5. We’ve stopped playing kids music in the car and finally get to listen to the radio. They now know songs that I’ve never heard of. It just sorda happened. I got old, I suppose.

“I heard this at my cousin’s house.”

“They played that song at dance class.”

But, I still know more than they do, although the Professor doubts me.

We took my in-laws out to dinner Saturday night for an early celebration of Father’s Day. We went to Shogun, a Japanese bar & grill, like Benihana’s, here in San Diego.

The kids were nagging. They wanted the foods they were familiar with.

The Professor pouted and complained, “Why do we have to try Japanese food? Why can’t we just go get kabob?”

We explained that this was a treat. They’d get dinner AND a show. They didn’t care. They didn’t believe us.

It all changed when we sat at our table and the chef arrived. Flames shot up. Eyes bugged out. Smiles were all around.

Middle-Child told Daddy that Mommy needed a table like this to cook for them. The Professor gobbled down his steak and rice, and the Princess ate tofu in her onion soup (we said it was chicken).

Just another funny moment in our lives with our kids.

It has nothing to do with these thick & delicious Double Chocolate Chunk Mashmallow Cookies (click here for the recipe).

Double Chocolate Chunk Marshmallow Cookies by

I made these to commemorate the beginning of summer. You know, roasting marshmallows over a campfire?

Remember, summer isn’t officially here yet. Tomorrow is the summer solstice and the first day of summer.

So go enjoy!

And crank up the music in your car and sing out loud to embarrass your kids!



12 Responses to Double Chocolate Chunk Marshmallow Cookies

  1. Fun family times and delicious summertime cookies!

    I helped out w/ my nephew's Grad night over the weekend and they had a karaoke stage — there was not one song I heard from this decade; all 80's & 90's music selections. Sing as loud as you can!!!

  2. Carolyn at #

    Oh my gosh, your kids could be mine. The way you wrote that, about how they behave when you ask them to do something, it's my kids EXACTLY! And my kids would adore these cookies, too!

  3. I think it's universal with kids. When we go to a restaurant or park and see kids behave as badly as ours like to do, it makes my hubby and I breathe a sigh of relief!

  4. RFR at #

    This was a really fun post to read! I love that you said tofu was chicken! how funny! marshmallows and chocolate – win win.

  5. How good do these look? Sort of like rocky road…love gooey marhmallows. Add a cold glass of milk and this is a perfect snack!!

  6. Cute story about the kiddos! These cookies look great, I love marshmallows in cookies. One of my favorite cookies is cornflake and marshmallow!

  7. I have two kids myself 5 and 3 and I can relate to some of your stories and made me smile. I also can see what I "look forward to"… I'm glad you enjoyed Japanese food. Hehe. The chocolate and marshmallow cookies! YUM!

  8. ah – so funny ! I can relate to a lot of that already and my little one is only 2.3/4yo. Don't forget the 3/4 Mummy ! He can't wait to be three….

    Mine also ADORES chocolate cookies and has been pestering the life out me for day to make him some. I can see cookies on the menu this weekend.

    Nice to find your blog…

  9. How old are they?It seems that your kids are quite stubborn,hahah.!!Why don't you give them a reward every time they do a good thing.Like cleaning their rooms or doing house hold chores.
    PS: I love the cookies.!
    Remedios Hemorroides

  10. How funny about your kids 🙂 These cookies are wonderful!

  11. chef_d at #

    These cookies look so delicious! Chocolate and marshmallow are my favorites 🙂

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