Dealing with Reality

Sunset at Waikoloa Beach

You know when you take a vacation and by the end of it you are so ready to come back home and you feel like you need a vacation from the vacation? Well, that did NOT happen to me! My family and I just returned from a week on the big island of Hawaii. And I’m telling you, one week was NOT enough. We totally did NOT want to return home. And I certainly was not looking forward to reality, aka everyday life.

So, instead of looking at this today:

messy table

I wish I was back in Hawaii and looking at this:

Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

Instead of doing this:

dirty dishes

I wish I was staring at this:

Mauna Kea Beach, Hawaii

Instead of tackling this:


I want to inhale this:

South Point, Hawaii

When I’m stressed out with this:

Messy countertop

I will relax and think of this:

Sunset in Waikoloa, Lava Lava Club

But seriously, I am grateful the hubby and I were able to experience this trip with our kiddos. I am recharged and inspired from our adventure. I can’t wait to share with you all that I saw, experienced and tasted during my trip to the big island. I am still sorting through my 2000+ pictures and videos. I endured a lot of comments from the hubby like, “Didn’t you already take a picture of that? How many pictures of this do you need?” But I totally did not want to miss or forget anything.

Disclosure: The colors in these pictures here were NOT modified with Photoshop. This is really what Hawaii looks like!



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  1. Sorry, but we missed you!! Glad you are home safe and sound – keep showing some of the Hawaii shots. I put a couple of our Alaska ones on my desktop just to glance at when I needed a quick “getaway”.

    • Great idea about the setting some Hawaii pictures on my computer desktop!

  2. Lisa at #

    Love this post!! That’s exactly what Hawaii is all about – the air, the ocean, the wind. But welcome back to reality, huh? The laundry, the dishes …. looking forward to seeing you next month!

  3. Reality is tough! Beautiful photos, glad you had a great vacation! 🙂

  4. Your photos of Hawaii are magnificent. No wonder you didn’t want to come home to dishes and chores. We all need a vacation and I’m so glad you enjoyed yours.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    • Thank you! Yes, this certainly was a break from our usual road-trip-vacation!

  5. Oh that sounds so familiar Laura! I feel with you. =I
    Well but you had a good time there in hawaii, I am glad to hear that. I wonder now what you hate. How is the food? I imagine they use lots of pineapples and coconuts. ^.^ I want to go to hawaii!!

    • There was plenty of Japanese influence, too, in the food. But, we had kids with us, so we hit many not-so-exotic restaurants!

  6. I’ve never been to Hawaii, and would love to go sometime. Sounds like a terrific trip! And 2000 photos in a week? Nothing! Well, actually a lot, but I’m usually guilty of a similar amount! I always think of digital photography in film terms. When we buy the camera, we’re really buying the equivalent of all the film (and developing costs); the camera itself we’re actually getting for free. 😉

    • John, I held back on the picture taking, too. Barely any food shots – oh yeah, those were on the iPhone. Another 100 pics there!

  7. Eha at #

    Nowhere in Hawaii do I feel the spirit world so much with me as on the Big Island: a bit scary and a whole lot wonderful!! Am far more for the peace of Kona than thw windward side . . . am certain you brought some of the magic with you . . . let it play out . . . pace

  8. I am SOOOO glad you were truly able to relax and enjoy the experience. Hawai’i is magical.

  9. transitioning back from a trip (esp. hawaii!!!) is such a bummer but relishing the memories is so lovely.

  10. Echo what everyone else said, but may I also add that I am grateful to see your “reality” photos, mess and all. It reassures me I am not alone.

  11. Laura, what gorgeous images — I so want to seep into them and be in that water! Happy you had an amazing trip! And of course, I hope you ate fabulous tropical, fresh food! Yum!

  12. Kim at #

    OMG, I love your disclaimer. I was there last August and felt the same way! There really is no need to adjust these photos.

    Welcome back, too. 🙂


    • My husband and I kept staring at the colors. An artist couldn’t paint a better picture!

  13. Laura,

    You had me Laughing Out Loud!… I can SO relate!

  14. Love this post Laura with all your beautiful pictures …wish I was there! Especially now that I’m staring at my laundry to fold…

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