DailyBuzz Moms 9×9: Deck The Doors!

My kids tell me that Christmas is five days away. They know this because our little Santa countdown tells us so. Each day the three kids take turns changing the cubes to one less day. They’ve been pretty considerate when it’s not their turn and remind the responsible sibling to not forget their designated chore. Needless to say, no one has forgotten a thing. Me, on the other hand, I seem to be forgetting things like what day it is to what did I need in this store to buy??? I have decided to take this holiday season on a day-to-day basis, deadline by deadline. It seems to be working. Well, sordof.

Earlier this month I was accepted by DailyBuzz Moms to show off my holiday spirit and be featured in their 9×9 Series: Deck The Doors. I am not a crafting blog, but I do enjoy using my glue gun! Most of the time, I get stuck in the kitchen and behind the computer that I don’t have the time to be crafty. Working on this project made me realize how much I love to create things – any old things, whether it be pomegranate fudge, a newsletter, a logo or a wreath.

Usually, our front door decor consists of a wreath and some lights. Like most men, my hubby usually goes nuts with the outdoor lighting, so I tend to concentrate my decorating on the inside. But this challenge, made the ‘ole gears in the brain go to work. I found inspiration, where else? But, in the kitchen.

I am foodie. And my decor will reflect my passion.

I needed a vine wreath to go to town with and my beloved hubby made me one, with the prunings from our beloved pomegranate tree. It was a diamond ring, but it was a beautiful ring.

I dried oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes in my oven. This is simple to do. Just cut your fruit into thin slices and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place in an oven heated at around 255ºF and let it dry it out for 2-3 hours. I left my citrus slices in the oven overnight even after I turned it off and they had dried up beautifully. I then glued them to my wreath and garland. The hubby saved me some small pomegranates for the wreath, as well.

The cute snow flake cookie cutters I used were from a Wilton’s care package sent to the FBLA cookie exchange I attended (you see all the sweet goodies at Shockingly Delicious). I raided my 6-year-old daughter’s play kitchen for the mini utensils. I was surprised that she didn’t throw a fit as I continued gluing away.

The gingerbread men are actually foamies I found at Micheal’s. I didn’t have the heart to go through all the trouble of baking cookies, denying them to my kids and then glue them up. The candy canes that remained in wrappers held up rather well. A few of the smaller peppermints I glued without wrappers got a little runny from the San Diego morning fog. If you are going to do this project and want to include peppermints without wrappers, I suggest dunking them in some polyurethane first. Some cinnamon sticks finished off my foodie accessories. A few Christmas picks and a bit of berry garland I found in my holiday bin added the extra bling I needed.

Overall, I am pleased with the project. Even my husband approved. Except for some of the peppermint drippings. They landed on his flip flops. I promised to wash them.

So are you a just-a-simple-wreath kinda decorator or do you go all out for the holidays?


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  1. How pretty is that! Very creative! My front door gets neglected 🙁 I like to do a wreath, but that is usually where it ends.

  2. that is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee ; the festive spirit is totally abuzz and the santa will be more than happy knocking the doors rather than entering the chimney !!

  3. cute decor looks wonderful congrats on the 9 x 9

  4. Bell at #

    This is very pretty! Neighbors love it!

  5. This is beautiful – I love that it's a foodie decoration. It's so pretty and fun 🙂 (love the oranges and cinnamon sticks, takes me way back!)

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