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Easy, No Bake Oatmeal Date Nut Bars by

Easy, No Bake Oatmeal Date Nut Bars

It is been hot and humid in San Diego these past few weeks. And we are just not used to this kind of weather. Since California has been in a dangerous drought, this El Niño wave of moisture is a much needed relief, except we have to “rough it” and grapple with this humidity. Experts […]

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Pomegranate with Golpar

There are some things in Farsi that easy to translate into English. Then you find these Persian proverbs and sayings and they completely lose their meaning in English. Then there are  the Persian words that have absolutely no English equivalent. But, I suppose most languages have this problem with English. For example, “pomegranate” in Farsi […]

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Lip Smacking Chile-Lime Macadamia Nuts

The suitcases are all unpacked now. Snorkeling gear put away. Laundry under control. Homework routine reinstated. Sand that snuck into our bags and found it’s way on our tile floors has also been vacuumed up. Yes, vacation is done, and we are back on cruise control with our home routine. Thanks to Costco, we were […]

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Sugar-Free Applesauce with Strawberries

Sometimes I forget what the real world is like. I mean, I live in California, SOUTHERN California. I am blessed to have farmer’s markets and CSA’s nearby and every possible produce imaginable within my reach. I live in one of trendiest food regions in the U.S. So, living in my bubble, I forget that not […]

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watermelon recipes: watermelon granita with mint by

Watermelon Recipes & Crafts!

Its summer! Picture kids playing in the pool, family picnics,  camping trips and road trips. And what would summer be without watermelon smiles and sticky little faces, dripping with watermelon juice. I felt like a giddy little kid when the Watermelon Board asked me if I’d like to carve a watermelon for their 3rd Annual […]

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