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Pomegranate with Golpar

Learn about the Persian spice Golpar, Persian Hogwood. Includes recipes featuring this exotic spice, including a simple dish of pomegranate with golpar. There are some things in Farsi that easy to translate into English. Then you find these Persian proverbs and sayings and they completely lose their meaning in English. Then there are  the Persian […]

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Lemon Pumpkin Seeds by

Snack Time! Lemon Pumpkin Seeds

Save those pumpkin seeds from your jack-o-lantern and enjoy this healthy snack: Lip Smackin’ Lemon Pumpkin Seeds. I have been MIA for the past few weeks as I have been struggling with the mom job I have. My oldest has been keeping me on my toes with his adjustment into adolescence. His head is full […]

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Chile Lime Macadamia Nuts by

Lip Smacking Chile Lime Macadamia Nuts

These Chile Lime Macadamia Nuts make snacking healthy an easy choice. The suitcases are all unpacked now. Snorkeling gear put away. Laundry under control. Homework routine reinstated. Sand that snuck into our bags and found it’s way on our tile floors has also been vacuumed up. Yes, vacation is done, and we are back on […]

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Sugar Free Strawberry Apple Sauce by

Sugar Free Strawberry Apple Sauce

Applesauce is easy to make and is super kid-friendly. Add more flavor by mixing in other fruits like this Sugar Free Strawberry Apple Sauce. Sometimes I forget what the real world is like. I mean, I live in California, SOUTHERN California. I am blessed to have farmer’s markets and CSA’s nearby and every possible produce […]

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Eat #Unprocessed with Baked Sweet Potato Chips by

Eat #Unprocessed with Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Easy steps on how to wean your family off unprocessed foods and how to develop healthier eating habits and healthy snacks like these Baked Sweet Potato Chips. As I mentioned last week, my friend, Andrew, of Eating Rules has challenged us to eat unprocessed foods for the month of October. For some this is a […]

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watermelon recipes: watermelon granita with mint by

Watermelon Recipes & Crafts!

Watermelon Recipes & Crafts that are perfect for summer fun with the kids, including a Watermelon Granita with Mint. Its summer! Picture kids playing in the pool, family picnics,  camping trips and road trips. And what would summer be without watermelon smiles and sticky little faces, dripping with watermelon juice. I felt like a giddy […]

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