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My head is spinning from the craziness of the past few weeks. Last week my sweet Princess was strutting her stuff on stage for a fabulous production of The Little Mermaid. Mommy and Daddy and a slew of family members cheered and shouted with pride and joy. I’m relieved to see the hectic rehearsals over, but my daughter told me she was sad she that the performances are over.

I channeled my daughter’s “no fear” attitude yesterday when  Mary/California Greek Girl and I visited our local television station to do a cooking segment all about olive oil. The gang at San Diego Living were super nice and were gracious hosts. Despite grilling with record 90-degree weather, Mary and I managed to keep our cool in front of the camera. We even toasted with our Watermelon Olive Oil shooters!

Shameless Plug: All the recipes we featured can be found in our new cookbook, Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil. We are selling our books online, but you can also find them at these stores. Keep checking our list, as we are adding new stores every week!

Recipes from Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil

Cooking with Olive Oil: tomatoes poached in olive oil, steak marinated in olive oil, watermelon-vodka-olive oil shooters, sugar cookies baked with olive oil

After I returned from our tv segment on Tuesday, I relaxed for 10 minutes with an ice cold glass of water. Soon, my neighbor texted me that there was a fire in the neighborhood just north of us. We were experiencing  unusual Santa Ana winds, which are super dry gusty winds that are blowing from the desert and not the Pacific Ocean.


Smoke from the brush fire as seen from my children’s school.

I spent the next 7 hours watching the local news coverage on the fires. My children’s elementary school was evacuated. My friends’ neighborhood was evacuated. It quickly went from something relatively small and not too close, to something that swallowed 1500+ acres by nightfall. I automatically went into packing mode and lined our hallways with irreplaceable items. My kids trickled home and packed their bags, too.


Smoke from the growing brush fire as it changed from white smoke (good) to black smoke (bad).

In the end, we didn’t have to evacuate, although everyone around us did. By 7pm, the flames were mostly gone. A few hours later, everyone evacuated could return home. No homes or structures were lost. Our heroic fire fighters and first responders did an AMAZING job staying on top of the fires. We went to bed confident that all was under control.

Wednesday brought a second day of this crazy heat and Santa Ana winds today. I woke up with a plugged up nose and burning eyes. I kept my kidlets home and sure enough we had some flare ups. Then Camp Pendleton caught on fire. Then Fallbrook had a fire. Then Carlsbad was on fire.


One of two hallways filling up with bags and boxes as we prepare to evacuate.

I was glued to the television yesterday, shaking my head in dismay. In total, there have been 9 fires in our county. Today, only the San Marcos (#cocosfire) is the big threat. I will leave all the conspiracy theorizing for another day, but I am praying that with the less winds, we will get the last of these fires under control.

The television is still on as I type this. One ear is listening to the updates, while I try to get my work done. Tomorrow, if all is well, I am leaving for Camp Blogaway where I will be speaking about Self-Publishing with Mary/California Greek Girl and Alisa Fleming/Go Dairy Free.


If you are in the Southern California Region, Mary and I will be hosting some olive oil cooking classes and demos at all four Temecula Olive Oil stores. You can learn more about them here.

Now I’m off to unpack from the evacuation and pack for Camp Blogaway!

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    • I lived in Florida and Texas and remember tornados and hurricanes. I think the worst part is that you feel helpless and out of control. My family and I were lucky and we are very thankful for our blessings!

  1. Eha at #

    Oh Laura – was there bushfire-wise SO badly here in E Oz only last October – am SO praying for some rain and a reasonably safe season for you!! Honestly all fingers and toes crossed!!!!! Loved your and Mary’s TV appearance – honestly Milady : you are a natural and ever so charming on the box!!! NOW – please believe in yourself, as you look absolutely great!! Practice makes perfect, so hope Mary and you accept a number of the spots offered!!!!!!

    • Thank you, darling Eha! Your words are always so inspirational! Stay safe and fire free, yourself.

      • Eha at #

        darlingHeart – lest an unexpected windstorm blows up in the next 5 months, we are OK! Hoping for the very best both professionally and weather-wise for you and family!! hugs Eha

  2. That fire is a bit close for comfort! Glad you didn’t have to uproot the family and head for safer territory. Have a great trip!

    • Six years ago we had to evacuate because of fire and we were spared. The kids were smaller then, and don’t remember how we fit 9 of us in a hotel room with one queen size bed! That seemed more like an adventure and was “fun” for them.

  3. Love love the idea of watermelon olive oil shooters! You see people using bacon in drinks, why not olive oil 🙂

  4. Looks like your daughter is not the only star in the family! You and Mary are obviously maestros in the kitchen with olive oil…Bet you’ll sell tons of books =)

    P.s. The princess stage of girlhood is soooo great…and goes so fast. At least it did with my two nieces. Good news is that my older niece is aiming to have a baby girl =)


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