Cherry Cola Ice Cream for the Dog Days of Summer

Cherry Cola Ice Cream: because summer isn’t over yet, because we don’t want school to start. Just because.

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August is here and school is looming on the horizon. But the kids and I are still in full summer mode. I am not ready to start the chaos of school and homework. The carpooling, the volunteering, the heaps of paperwork that seems to fill my house. So we will focus on squeezing out as much fun as we can during the last weeks of summer vacation. That also means easy dinners, buckets of fresh fruit, a bit more junk food and plenty of cold treats to chill out from the heat.

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I do my best to feed my kids healthy foods. Really, I do, but I am totally guilty for introducing a few vices to my munchkins. The first was root beer followed quickly by the root beer float. Oh yeah, thank you, Mommy.

The other vice my kids fell for was Cherry Cola. Middle Child declares it to be just as delicious as root beer. Oh yeah, I’m a bad, bad Mommy.

So it wasn’t that much of a leap for me to take my kids further down the junk food path with this Cherry Cola Ice Cream. Because, well, it’s still summer. And we refuse to give it up just yet!

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I am also writing this post not just to push school from our radar, but to help out my friend, Stephanie/Recipe Renovator. You have read my review on the ebook she wrote, Golden Angels, about the loss of her beloved golden retriever, Buddy Girl, and opening her heart to love again with her new dog, Daisy. It’s a beautiful book and Stephanie has started a kickstarter campaign to raise $12,000 so she can get print up 2000 copies of her book and start a book tour. A simple donation of $5 can help her reach her goal. Check out her campaign, watch her video and decide for yourself.

Golden Angels Kickstarter Campaign

Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer with me. Go take a swim, lounge by the beach, drink a cold cocktail or enjoy a heaping scoop of Cherry Cola Ice Cream.

Because summer ain’t over yet!

Check out Stephanie and Daisy on local tv!

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7 Responses to Cherry Cola Ice Cream for the Dog Days of Summer

  1. Carolyn at #

    Love this flavour of ice cream! The book also looks so sweet.

  2. My kids would go nuts for this! And your photos are beautiful, Laura.

  3. Good for you for enjoying summer to the fullest. I love cherry everything and this is exactly what I need to cool down. Thanks for sharing Laura, I’m sure your kids really appreciate the treat.:)

  4. Dina at #

    sounds like a yummy flavor!

  5. I’m guilty of passing along similar vices. I choose to think of it as “teaching moderation” and I like Michael Pollan’s advice that we can eat anything we cook.

  6. Really a refreshing and delicious Ice Cream for hot summer. Love the color and like to eat. Keep sharing and Thanks a lot for sharing.

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