Birthday Cakes Part Two

I realized that I might have you all hanging with the outcome of my last two cakes! As I mentioned earlier, my big boy has turned eight and we all celebrated by eating his favorite dinner, steak. We grilled a beautiful beef tenderloin and served it with corn on the cob, roasted asparagus and green beans.Okay, the green stuff was for the adults, but the kids loved the corn on the cob!

To top it all off, we dove in a green lego block cake. Yummy! I thought I’d keep it simple, and in theory it was. I made three 9×13 cakes and used a cookie cutter to cut out the circles from one cake. Well, the cake was too moist and I had to let the circle cut-outs sit in the open air a little to dry up and frost!  Minor set back, but worth the wait. The kids loved the idea and each wanted their own circle cake to eat!

And our bear cake? Grrrrreat! (Sorry, had to do it!) Another easy project. For the head I used a regular 9-inch circle cake pan,. For the ears, I filled a pop-over pan about two-thirds full. I found the cupcake size was a little short. Frosted everything in chocolate frosting. Made a rice krispie snout (shaped in a bowl), Laffy Taffy tongue, chocolate nose and Now And Later eyes. The cake was a hit for the school’s cake walk (having the Grizzly being their mascot). The family that won our cake were giggling with delight, wondering what to eat first. My kids didn’t want me to give it away, so something tells me another Grizzly cake is in our future!

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