Birthday Cakes

Birthday season is upon us: parties, invitations, goody bags – Oh my! My eldest, the professor, is turning eight this Saturday. We are skipping the big party with friends and family this year and trading it in for the Disneyland weekend. But, with the small family dinner planned for his big day, I know my boy is waiting for that moment when I bring the cake out and his eyes will pop out and his mouth will fall open. And every year, I look forward to this moment and I get to see how happy he is and excited he is to see his birthday cake and to get that big bear hug and a “Thank you! I love it Mommy!”

My husband and I try to top ourselves every year with the birthday parties and themes and of course, the cakes. We’ve done the dinosaur birthday with the lava flowing out of our chocolate cake – okay, baking soda and lemon juice. It was a short, but cool special effect! Then there was
Batman birthday and the electric yellow cake with black frosting. Everyone left with a smile on their face and black tongues. Of course, nothing colors a tongue better than Elmo red frosting on cupcakes. Unfortunately, that red did stain some clothes….

I’ve made puppy cupcakes for my puppy loving girl and a train cake for my Thomas-fan and then the football cake and the soccer ball cake. And of course, there was the mad science birthday with test tubes full of candies. Great memories.

As I make a bear cake for their school fund-raiser (they are the Grizzlies!) I am thinking in the back of my mind, what to do this year for my big boy. His head is always stuck in a book and he still wants to be a world-famous paleontologist. He wants to be the Indiana Jones of Paleontology!

Even as I write this I don’t know what I will bake, but I’m sure I’ll think of something because I love getting those hugs and kisses that I wouldn’t normally get from a store-bought cake. The little ones do know the love and hard work you put into their lives and I think the hard work is worth it. It doesn’t take much money, just a little creative thought and and that extra bit of effort. So you don’t much sleep a couple of nights. I haven’t slept well over 8 years! My kids are worth it.


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