Berry Swirl Pound Cake

This easy berry swirl pound cake can easily be made with both fresh or frozen berries.

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The markets are overflowing with berries of all kinds and my family is loving every minute of summer because of it! I’m always trying to sneak some in a recipe, even though we love to eat them straight up. We even have little strawberries and blackberries blooming in the garden.

If you are looking for a berry quick dessert (sorry, couldn’t resist), I found this recipe for Berry Swirl Pound Cake from Martha Stewart. Originally the recipe used blackberries, but I’ve also made this cake with fresh strawberries. You could even use frozen for those winter months when berries are scarce. You purée the berries, so you can easily get away with frozen berries.

You pour half the batter in your 9×5 loaf pan, then dot 1/2 cup of your berry purée. I thought I was putting too much, but my swirl wasn’t as much in the center as I wanted. So definitely, follow the instructions! Hmmm… that’s something I tell my kids all the time! I better listen!

Berry Swirl Pound Cake by

Pour the remaining batter over you berry layer and top again with dollaps of berry purée. Use a skewer or sharp tip knife to swirl your berry purée and batter and bake.

This really is a simple recipe that requires little work and gives you a nice wow-dessert. The cake is moist and light, and the berry swirls give the cake even more berry-licious flavor!

Click here for the full recipe for this Berry Swirl Pound Cake.


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