Barbeque at Mr. Matt’s

When our friend Matt invites you over for a bbq dinner, you don’t have to think twice about saying yes! Mr. Matt, as my kids call him, is an avid fisherman and hunter. He and his wife, Ms. Jody, always have friends over to enjoy a great meal. It was Mr. Matt who introduced ocean-fishing to my husband, who is loves trying new things. The dorado he caught one summer day was happily grilled and devoured at our house.

But the night I want to talk about was our surf & turf dinner. “You guys want to come over for steak and lobster?” Mr. Matt asked. Hello?!! Oh, yeah!!

The lobster was caught off the coast of San Diego, hard to believe. I didn’t even know we had lobster here! Having never cooked lobster, I was happy to watch and learn from the master. Mr. Matt had already separated the tails and froze them, so today was strictly about cooking and eating them! For the full recipe, click here.

Our steak wasn’t any ordinary steak. From a hunting trip he took in Nevada, we were having elk and deer. The elk we had was the filet cut, so Mr. Matt kept them whole. The deer was a lesser cut and because deer meat tends to be dry (did you know that?) Mr. Matt cut them into smaller pieces and kabobed them. Both were marinated. Both grilled the old fashion way, over coals.

Not to get into a discussion about hunting, but I don’t have a problem with people hunting and eating what they kill. Just like fishing. But, I admit to being a little skeptical about eating elk and deer meat. How do I explain to the kids that we were eating Bambi? Well, as my little professor exclaimed, “Bambi tastes good!” Middle Child, who prefers chicken, happily agreed with his big brother. Little One was too busy playing with Mr. Matt’s daughter to care if Bambi was on the plate or not. Crisis averted.

We ate too much. We laughed a lot. It was a great evening. We are invited to Mr. Matt’s house this Friday. I wonder what’s for dinner….

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