Back to School Dinner: Hatch Chile Verde with Chicken

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 Hatch Chile Verde with Chicken by

I always have mixed feelings as summer draws to a close and the kids return to school. Summer, by far, is my favorite time of the year. My family and I savor the weather, the carefree moments and the summer menu. And of course, after a few months off of fun and sun, by the time school rolls around, the kids are restless and ready to go back. I look forward to having more free time, but I dread the hectic schedule, the carpooling, the homework battles and the weekly meal planning. Summer dinners at our house are simpler. We grill, picnic and dine out more often than we do when school is in session.

As I reported in my last post, Hatch Chiles are in season. These delicious chiles are available for only a short time and can be found throughout the US. Another favorite ingredient of mine is the tomatillo. No it is not a green tomato. It does not change color and is a green sour jewel wrapped in its own paper.

Tomatillos for Hatch Chile Verde with Chicken by

This simple salsa verde marinade includes roasted hatch chiles, tomatillos, cilantro and garlic. By flattening the chicken breasts prior to marinating, the meat stays tender and juicy. It also cooks up very quickly, which is a great help during the hurried school nights. You can grill it (and still dream about summer) or cook it inside. I reserved some of the tangy salsa verde and served it with the chicken. You can find the full recipe here for Hatch Chile Verde with Chicken.




And now for a little news. I am thrilled to share that my e-cookbook with California Greek Girl, Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil, received the Gold Medal Award from Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Award in the cookbooks division! Mr. Poynter is a guru in the self-publishing world. Both Mary and I are thrilled and honored to receive this award!

Update: Our olive oil cookbook is available in a beautiful hardback! You can get your copy here.

Disclosure: Melissa’s Produce was generous enough to send me a box of Hatch Chiles to sample. I was not compensated in any other way.

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10 Responses to Back to School Dinner: Hatch Chile Verde with Chicken

  1. Congratulations on the cookbook award – well done.

    I love the look of this chicken dinner!

  2. Dan Poynter is a pioneer – congrats. That’s so nice, and so well deserved.

  3. What a delight it has been to have worked with you on this book and receive this honorable award!
    Your photography continues to amaze me on this post ~ What a wonderful use of hatch chiles in a marinade.

  4. Love this dish, that salsa verde looks wonderful! Congrats on your award! :)

  5. Eha at #

    Huge congratulations on your win: you two must be so pleased! Meanwhile, between the two of you I have learned of a kind of chile I did not know, tho’ we have similar looking ones available :) !

  6. I adore the mood you create in your photos, Laura! Lovin’ the Hatch chile verde sauce too :) Congrats again on having your book recognized – well deserved!

  7. Lori Lane at #

    I love Hatch Chile. I used to live very close to Hatch NM.. I now live in Alaska. The Jalapeno’s and Chile are so mild they taste like bell peppers.. I can’t wait to try this when I go home to visit!

  8. Congratulations on the award my friend. So well deserving!!

    I can’t stop drooling over the perfection of that grilled chicken :)

  9. Dear Laura,

    congratulations for the award! You both deserve it, indeed! I read the book and it’s great. The pictures are amazing. So enjoy it!! Don’t be thrilled, just enjoy it!!

    Hugs from Buenos Aires,


  10. Congrats to you and Mary on the award! Well deserved!
    The caramelization going on on this meat is gorgeous, and the sauce looks unbelievable delicious! Your photos are like paintings!

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