Apple & Quince Crisp with Rosewater

Bring the flavors of the middle east to your dessert table this fall with this Apple and Quince Crisp with Rosewater.

Apple & Quince Crisp with Rosewater by

My kids received their report cards last week. In our school, we parents meet with our elementary school teachers and discuss how wonderful our kids are. Really, they are wonderful, respectful and fabulous listeners, apparently. In school. I’m amazed at how different they behave with their friends and teachers than they do with ‘ole Mom and Dad.

As my husband and I sat down with each teacher, we were in awe. Each one of them described our child to us in perfect detail.

Middle-Child was described as the cautious perfectionist. He won’t take a risk if he thinks he might make a mistake. He’s quiet and extremely respectful to his teacher and fellow students. He doesn’t goof off in class and does the work that is expected of him. Did I mention that he’s a perfectionist?

The Professor is engaging and confident in class. He’s proud to be in the top reading group. He cheers when he passes the spelling pre-test and gets the challenge words, and he’s quite the ham in his writing and public speaking. He’s a sweet, respectful and enthusiastic student.

Apple & Quince Crisp with Rosewater by FamilySpice.comMy Princess? Well, how hard can first grade be, right? She, too, takes her school work seriously, even if it is simple math and coloring. She also loves to read. The girl that I know does pop up in class from time to time, as her silly antics brings smiles to her friends’ and her teacher’s faces.

I don’t know what these teachers do to get my kids to listen to them or to clean up their work space or to treat others with respect. Those rules don’t seem to apply at home. Or maybe between our arguments and frustrations they really are listening to us, but they don’t want us know that they know what’s going on.

Seriously, they aren’t horrible kids. They really are sweet and loving and I’m so thankful to have them in my life. Even if they dump their stuff wherever they want and don’t put anything away.

No matter how many times I tell them, yell at them, pay them or discipline them.

On the topic of food, quince is in season this fall. It is typically found in the stores hard as a rock. This fruit does not really ripen here in the US. It is a sour fruit and it is loved by Persians. I’ve made quince jam, where it turns this luscious ruby-red color.

Quince Jam by

I’ve also baked quince and made this surreal Apple & Quince Crisp with Rosewater.

Oh yeah, the rosewater takes it to another level, baby.

Apple & Quince Crisp with Rosewater by

A great alternative to the pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving!

Click here for the Apple and Quince Crisp with Rosewater Recipe.

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  1. Your kids sound perfectly well rounded to me 🙂 They are learning the behaviors they display at school I am sure from their parents 🙂 Funny we do not generally get to see this at home, but it is there 🙂
    I adore quince and agree that the rosewater makes this crisp a bit special…very lovely!

  2. I understand completely what you are saying about your kids. Our daughter is a bit of a nightmare at home but her teacher tells us she's the best student and always listen in class. Great quince recipe.

  3. Ann at #

    Your kids sound delightfully normal! The quince crisp looks delicious – I have never used rosewater before – but this is the second time I've seen it in a post…

  4. delicious looking crisp looks wonderful lovely aromatic flavours

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