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Get Educated and Eat Safe

September is National Food Safety Month! What? Doesn’t sound as glamorous as National Pie Day or International Stuff-Yourself-With-Pizza-Month, does it? But, considering that the salmonella bacteria is the number-one culprit in foodborne illness AND the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that Salmonella causes more deaths than any other foodborne bacteria, don’t you think you should pay […]

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The World of Produce: My Visit to the PMA Fresh Food Summit

I was recently asked why I started this blog almost five years ago. Part of it was to try to find a way to help make some money as I was a SAHM and we were a one income family. Of course, it took over a year to make that first $100 in Google ads! […]

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The Persian Wedding Ceremony (Aghd) Demystified

A wedding is always a beautiful occasion full of love, happiness and the merging of two families. It can be amazing, fun and totally stressful for the parties involved. But, one of my favorite wedding experiences is attending a Persian wedding. There is tremendous history, symbolism and beauty found in a Persian wedding ceremony. These […]

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Persian Saffron Cookies

Cookies for Cody Online Bake Sale & Cookbook Auction

Life is precious. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day motions and forget that simple fact. My friend and fellow food blogger, Stephanie (aka The Recipe Renovator) has a 4-year old newphew fighting neuroblastoma. Cancer. Why should a 4-year old suffer from cancer? When Stephanie told me about Cody, my heart shattered. As a […]

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Mango Madness – Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love!

I can’t believe that it’s almost two weeks since my Camp Blogaway weekend, and I still haven’t found the time to write a recap about everything I learned while there. I am a rather quiet wallflower when it comes to big events. I tend to gravitate to what is comfortable: people I know, situations that […]

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Strolling Through the Avocado Groves

Last month I was invited by the California Avocado Commission to tour an avocado ranch and packing house. Considering my obsession with avocados, this was a no-brainer! Unfortunately, family commitments and a death in the family kept me from attending this amazing event. So, I asked my dear friend, recipe tester and bargain-queen extraordinaire, Annabell, […]

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A Lesson on Oils

I never thought much about the oils I used in my food when I first started cooking for myself. I think I had just one bottle of vegetable oil in my cupboard. Sometimes, I’m sure, I had butter in the fridge, but that was mostly for my toast or baking. When I delved deeper into […]

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It’s Time for a Picnic: The Tradition of Sizdah Bedar

The weather outside may or may not reflect it, but Spring is here! Perhaps your sinuses can feel it, with the new blossoms outside? This is my favorite time of the year, like a bear coming out of hibernation, I feel excited with the end of winter behind us. I personally long for the warm […]

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Spring and the Persian New Year

It’s like a fog has lifted over my head. Spring is here. Today marks the first day of spring, as well as the first day of the Persian New Year. It really is a time of rebirth, especially for me. My mood is very tied to the weather and the seasons. Maybe in a past […]

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Welcome to the New Family Spice & Chunky New England Clam Chowder

I have waited a long, LOOOONG time to write this post! WOOT! WOOT! I am super excited to introduce ya’ll to the NEW Family Spice website! YAY! It’s more than a cosmetic change, too. I won’t bore you with the gastly details, but thanks to my dear friend Karin (a.k.a. the Data Base Queen) and […]

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