A Refreshing Lemon Tea Bread

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It seems that this world is broken into two sides: You are either a coffee person or tea. I love the smell of coffee and I love the hint of coffee in my brownies or cakes. But I HATE the taste of a cup of coffee. GASP! Every morning I sit down and enjoy my morning tea. I’ve managed to wean myself off of putting sugar in my tea, I now use Stevia, but it doesn’t take the craving I have for something sweet to accompany my tea.

I added cutting back on sweets to my never-ending list of new year’s resolutions. This week my tea has had my Atkins protein bar for a companion. Not my first choice, but my thighs and butt will be happier.

But I long for a scone, muffin or sweet bread to savor with my lovely cup of tea.

Which brings me to this lovely, and refreshing Lemon Tea Bread. I made three loaves to give as gifts during the holidays. I stole a thin sliver to test for quality control (snort! snort!), but other than that, I didn’t indulge in it. But, I haven’t stopped thinking about it either!

Maybe it’s because of the brownies, rum cake, fudge and other rich sweets I baked (and mostly gave away) during the holidays. Lemons wake up the senses and are frequently used to cleanse the palate. I love the smell of lemons and I love my lemon tree. It’s a very confused lemon tree. It’s unsure of the seasons living here in Southern California. When it’s full of fruit, which it is now, it also has blooms and buds, as well. The lemon tree and the lime are both carefully attended to by my husband. Again, we are a very lemony family.

I really wish I had a slice of this Lemon Tea Bread now. I might have to make a new loaf to hoard for my morning tea.

For the full recipe for this Lemon Tea Bread, click here!

12 Responses to A Refreshing Lemon Tea Bread

  1. "pup" at #

    I am like you, I am not a coffee person, but I love my tea (with honey not sugar)!! I Love the smell of coffee, but I can not handle even the slightest taste, it ruins any good dessert for me…

    Your bread looks delicious!!! I will have to save this recipe to try it out!!

  2. We'll have to share a cup of tea together some time!

  3. Tiffany at #

    I love tea AND coffee and this bread would be great with both! It reminds me of my nana's lemon pound cake :D

  4. Kori at #

    Lemon flavored things have been on my mind lately. They're just so refreshing and totally sound good after a holiday season packed full of heavy sweets. This bread looks great (and beautiful!)! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. I love hot tea and hot cocoa! This is just what I need now, a warm piece of delightful bread and a cup of hot tea!

  6. Jenn at #

    I love lemon. This looks delicious. This is the 3rd blog I have seen those white dishes on. I love them, do you mind telling me where they are from?

  7. I think the tea lovers win! hee! hee!

    Jenn, I get almost all of my dishes from Marshall's, Home Goods & Ross. I believe the serving dish only cost me $3! I love a good deal.

  8. Your lovely photos will make us all want a slice (or two or three) of your delicious bread. I can't drink coffee, too many bad side effects, but I do like the taste of it. Tea is my #1 though but I can't stand sugar in either, occasionally I'll add honey to a lemon ginger tea. I'm going to check out your recipe, my mouth is watering.

  9. Jenn at #

    Thanks for replying. I don't live near a Marshall's or a Home Goods, but there is a Ross down the street. I will have to check it out, because I think your dishes are beautiful. $3 is a steal of a deal!!

  10. Fantastic bread to go with a cup of tea. I love a good lemon bread…it's so fresh and satisfying.

  11. ~RED~ at #

    This is a beautiful lemon bread… craving now!

  12. Merut at #

    Sweetener in your tea? Blasphemy! I love tea too (although occasionally I'll enjoy a cup of coffee). This lemon bread looks delicious. I'm having my bridesmaid over this weekend, so I might have to do cake and tea.

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