A Preview of Spring at the Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild

wedding flowers

In my ideal world, I live in a garden. Filled with flowers of all shapes and colors, I will stroll through this garden, meditate and be at peace. In my garden, I will have treasures hidden. Brightly colored chairs, vine laden awnings, water fountains trickling their sweet sound.

Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild

In my ideal world, I will spend my time painting and creating. Working with my hands, harvesting my vegetable garden, listening to the birds singing and chirping, feeling cozy from the warm sun on my skin.

flowers on a tree

It doesn’t all have to be a dream. During a recent trip to Palo Alto, I visited the Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild. The kids ran through the various pathways, discovering small, intimate settings where you can sit and bask in the pre-spring sunshine. We meandered through the different stores, enjoying the creations of potters, painters, jewelry makers, wood carvers and florists.

Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild

Eye candy for my husband and I.

Inspiration surrounds you, envelopes you and embraces you.

Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild

I happily clicked away on my camera while my kids laughed and squealed and discovered.

blue hydrangeas and other fresh cut flowers

I turned to my husband and made a special request to my personal handyman.

“I want my backyard to be like this.”

Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild

Our yard is just a sliver in size compared to these grounds.

He smiled.

He understood.

flowers on a tree


4 Responses to A Preview of Spring at the Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild

  1. Laura, you came at the right week! This week is rain rain rain rain…and cold! Looking at this beautiful place, it seems like a different parts of the world. Such a lovely garden. Looking forward to your full post. I hope you had some time to catch up after your trip!

  2. What a beautiful place and such gorgeous photos!

    • Laura at #

      Thank you! I was definitely in my happy zone over here!

  3. Indelisa at #

    Hi Laura,

    Your photography is beautiful! Not sure if we got the chance to meet when you were visiting Allied Arts…I’m the floral designer located here. I love seeing our work captured online, but we do ask that everyone who publishes photos of our desings attaches credit. We consider our work to be art, probably like you, so please just add our name or web address along with your enjoyable writing!

    Thank you so much!

    Royal Bloom, Menlo Park

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