A Lesson Learned & Meat Loaf with Chorizo

An American classic gets a serious update in this Meat Loaf with Chorizo.

Meat Loaf with Chorizo by FamilySpice.com

When your kids are young, they look up to their parents and see us as Wonder Woman and Superman. Or, at least, that’s how I translate their admiration for us! These short people with minds of mush turn to dear Mom and Dad to answer their million questions:

“How does the car move?”

“Will a tsunami reach our house?”

“Why can’t I wear black socks with my shorts?”

Then, they grow up. And they look at you and they don’t see superheroes anymore. They see two human beings. Two FLAWED human beings. And in my almost-10-year-old’s case, two seriously flawed human beings who don’t know as much he does.

This wasn’t supposed to happen so soon. I expected this stage during the rotten teen-age years. Why is my adorable Professor ignoring our sage advice?

Meat Loaf with Chorizo by FamilySpice.comThe Professor has heard people tell him (and his loving parents) how smart and mature he is. And now I believe, it’s gone to his head and he thinks that he’s smarter than us. We remind him that if he’s so smart, he should move out and earn a living. You know, the standard parent response.

After a few arguments, some tears shed and a week of no electronics, the Professor learned a lesson today when he bombed his speech at school:

He doesn’t know everything.

He doesn’t know better.

And, my favorite, Mommy was right. Okay, Daddy, too.

I’m sure this lesson will be forgotten on the next time he doesn’t want to take my advice or too lazy to do Daddy says. But, I will happily remind him of today and the “I told-you-so” moment I usually save for my husband.

Meat Loaf with Chorizo by FamilySpice.com

Oh, and here is a fabulous recipe for some serious comfort food with a twist, Meat Loaf with Chorizo. ‘Nuf said.

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7 Responses to A Lesson Learned & Meat Loaf with Chorizo

  1. Merut at #

    I think I drove my parents crazy way before the teenager years. But I am sure it is a nice feeling. You should log this away and bring it up whenever he is acting cocky. I'm sure he is very smart and adorable. one day he'll listen again.

  2. Mary at #

    Wow, that looks really tasty!!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  3. Thanks, Merut. Parenting really is the hardest job I ever had. I was the perfect child, so I don't know anything about driving my parents crazy… ha! ha!

    Mary – thanks for stopping by!

  4. Susi at #

    The meatloaf with the chorizo looks fantastic and sounds full of flavor. Nice twist on a classic dish :o)

  5. Too funny. My kids aren't quite there yet, but I can feel it coming!

  6. too true about the kids 🙂 Loving the idea of the chorizo inside the meatloaf, so delicious!

  7. Chorizo in meatloaf…love it!

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