A Healthier Snack: No Bake Crispy Rice Bars with Pistachios and Honey

For a healthy anytime snack using wholesome ingredients try these No Bake Crispy Rice Bars with Pistachios and Honey.

No Bake Crispy Rice Bars with Pistachios and Honey by FamilySpice.com

It’s hard for me to eat healthy from October through December. Besides Halloween, October for us is filled with too many birthday parties for family and friends. Then you’ve got Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah and parties galore. This past week alone, two of my kids had multi-cultural feasts at school. The third kid has theirs next week. I should have not volunteered to save my waistline from nibbling on loompias, empanadas and so many other amazing treats and snacks. But, I didn’t. I went. I just love trying foods from so many cultures.

So, in between the parties, holidays and feasts, I find myself detoxing. I take out sugar – or at least I cut it back or use my stevia. I also take out gluten. I do my best, ahem, to eat extra healthy… until the next food event.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to have been contacted by Attune Foods to try out some of their cereals. Attune prides themselves in offering wholesome foods that include real wholesome ingredients. Their mission alone is what sold me to try out their products.

I requested the gluten-free, kid-friendly group of cereals and received: Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice- Gluten Free Cereal (pictured below), Erewhon Rice Twice Cereal and Erewhon Strawberry Crisp Cereal (pictured above). My 6-year old Princess was super excited and immediately asked to try to the strawberry cereal when she came home from school. Who says cereal is just for breakfast.

She ate it up. So did the Professor. I couldn’t resist it, myself. Only Middle-Child refused to try it. He’s not one to try new things and he’s set on his morning ritual of Honey-Nut Cheerios. We’ll ignore that for now.

Eventually, the kids devoured the cereal, leaving me some of the Rice Twice to make a healthier crispy rice bar, made with brown sugar and honey and NOT marshmallows. I also mixed in pistachios, cranberries, apricots and chocolate chips.

For the full recipe for my No Bake Crispy Rice Bars with Pistachios and Honey click here.

No Bake Crispy Rice Bars with Pistachios and Honey by FamilySpice.com

Super duper delish.

And you know who was more excited to eat these bars? Adults. There’s something about a sweet crispy rice bar that brings us back to our childhood. And with nuts and dried fruits mixed in, it satisfies the grown-up in us,making sure we eat healthy, too.

The chocolate chips? Well, chocolate IS full of anti-oxidants!

Thank you, Attune Foods for keeping it REAL.

Disclosure: Attune Foods sent me the cereals mentioned to sample, review and thoroughly enjoy. The opinions in this post are all mine. As I’ve stated in the past, if I do not like it, I will not endorse it.

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4 Responses to A Healthier Snack: No Bake Crispy Rice Bars with Pistachios and Honey

  1. Dzoli at #

    Fantastic idea.I can have this anytime:)

  2. Trixie R at #

    Delicious Laura! Thanks for the awesome sample. Had it just now with my cup of joe after my morning run. Perfect amount of sweetness since I'm trying to cut down on sugar during training, but trying to find healthy and delicious snacks to help keep me fueled without adding unnecessary fat and calories. SO much crispier and tastier than a lot of granola bars out there! Well done 🙂

  3. mjskit at #

    What a great idea! These look like snacks that I could eat any time of the day. They look a lot healthier than the storebought bars and certainly tastier and cheaper. The recipe has been bookmarked!

  4. I'm happy to report that all adults who ate these, were licking their fingers with smiles on their faces… including me!

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