25 Days of Cookies: Almond Crackle Cookies

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I’m back. I took a day off from cookie recipes to watch in awe as hubby finished installing my new kitchen appliances! I’m loving my new cooktop and my new ovens are begging to bake me something in them! Yes, Santa came early for me and I’m a happy camper! Of course, I’m burned out on baking and cooking, but I certainly will start the new year off with the right supplies!

I’ve tried my best to show you all the varieties of cookies that are out there to choose to bake this holiday season. And there are so many more, too! It can be overwhelming to decide what to do first, trust me, been there, done that!

Today’s cookie is the Almond Crackle Cookie. It’s another recipe I found in the 2010 Martha Stewart Holiday Cookie Magazine. I barely tapped the tip of this collection of cookies recipes.

The first time I made these, Martha told me to toast the almonds, then grind them up. I found the almond flavor a bit over-bearing and well, a bit on the burnt side. I didn’t burn the almonds, but toast them, but the taste wasn’t that great. I preferred to keep the almonds blanched and untoasted.

MUCH better!

I love how the chocolate contrasts with the white of the sugar crackle. Real festive. Like snowflakes!

For the full recipe for Almond Crackle Cookies, click here!

And as my kids inform me, 5 more days ’til Christmas! And I still have some shopping to do! YIKES!

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  1. K o r i at #

    These look great! I make "Chocolate Crinkles," which are similar but don't have the almonds, so it would be fun to try something new next year. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays to you!!!

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