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Persian Yogurt with Cucumbers (Maast-o Khiar)

Yes, this is not a back-to-school post! I realized that with all of this focus on kids, it’s time to talk about something else. You know, it’s a mommy-syndrome to rattle on and on about our kids. Here in San Diego, the weather has turned HOT again. And that means this momma does not want […]

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Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

Packing a healthy lunch that will withstand the heat, the cold, the travel and a many of other variables is a lot to ask. And my kids are spoiled, which doesn’t help matters. I could do what my parents did – have them make their own lunch! Even better, insist it had to be a […]

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Back to School Meals: Whole Wheat Pizza with Hummus & Greens for #SundaySupper

The kids are back in school! Woot! But, you’d think things would calm down in my house. Not quite! I have two schools this year and that means two car pools and two fundraisers entities trying to get into my wallet. While I’m trying to balance volunteering, blogging & home life I am just like […]

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Blueberry Jam with Brown Sugar

Blueberry Jam with Brown Sugar

I love jam. Actually, I ADORE jam. I grew up with homemade jam. Every morning, as a kid in Iran, I would make little lavash bites with feta and jam. I continued this morning ritual when we moved to the U.S. using toast, as we could not find lavash, and cream cheese instead of feta. […]

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Mango-Spinach Green Smoothie

I have been lucky to have met a number of fabulous food bloggers in the past year or two. After spending a good 3 years juggling home life, blogging in the wee hours and basically hiding behind the computer screen, I now have a slew of bloggers that I can call my friends. Some I […]

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Healthy Snacking Habits for Kids

Healthy Snacking Habits for Kids {Sweepstakes!}

– In all honesty, finding healthy snacks my kids like isn’t all that difficult. I started their healthy eating habits when they were young, and I did my best not to stray the course. I won’t lie; it wasn’t always easy. It certainly would have been less hassle to have handed them a sugary juice […]

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Back-To-School Eats: Whole Wheat Mango Bread with Pecans

We are a T-minus 9 days and counting until school starts in our house. E-gads! What happened to summer? I feel like we didn’t swim enough, we didn’t go to the beach enough, we certainly didn’t go on our annual road trip, and I certainly didn’t get much cooking and blogging accomplished! Despite all of […]

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Persian Ice Cream with Saffron and Rose Water

Persian Ice Cream with Saffron and Rose Water

Summer vacation in San Diego should run July through September; those are our hot months. It seems like the heat really kicks in when the kids return to school. Not that I’m whining or complaining. The ice cream maker is in full swing and the popsicles are in constant supply. For a taste of the […]

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Dark Chocolate Crêpes with Blueberry Cream

Dark Chocolate Crêpes with Blueberry Cream for #SundaySupper #CookforJulia

In honor of Julia Child’s 100th birthday this August 15th, my #SundaySupper group is celebrating with PBS Food to honor this cooking legend with her amazing recipes. I have always been intimidated by French cooking until I made my first Beef Bourguignon. I quickly realized that this amazing meal was basically a beef stew. It […]

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